Searcher Claims MH370 'found'?


I’m really proud of how we Nodders research to try to understand complicated scenes we can’t readily see, and dissect info posted online! :smiley:

We’ve had few campaigns that have been as emotionally beckoning, and as logically challenging as M370. We all wanted so much to find it. Some searchers even thought we would find “survivors”, like the images of the Pilot setting a passenger plane down on the Hudson River with no loss of life. Most of us knew we were looking just for wreckage, and to solve the mystery of what happened. But because we didn’t find the wreckage, and didn’t solve the mystery, we are all still somewhat tied to this campaign.

With many campaigns, such as counting boats…or huts…or seals… we do our best and whatever we don’t find, oh well. We don’t hold onto it, still thinking hard about where a boat or seal might have been that we missed seeing. Campaigns like M470, and the missing hiker / climber out west (US), and last year’s request for a campaign to find the submarine keep us up at nights even years later. It’s a different calling…

So we consider new info. Even conspiracies grab our attention. And then, our experience kicks in and we set out to decide what makes sense. If anything, the really tough campaigns we’ve tried and our experiences thus far in crowdsourcing have taught us to use a critical eye as we evaluate even the idea of contemplating asking for a campaign. We know what has a better probability of yielding results… versus what would only lead us into more frustration. We know the frustration we felt after M370 ; if we could have magically sent our eyes to the area and found “something”, oh my how much we wished we could! But… we couldn’t.

Once again, we must settle back and realize our own limitations and that of “technology”. Some problems require we wait, in faith, that we rest, in faith, knowing that in time people on the ground or on oceans (or exploring underwater) will discover what we could not locate.



While doing some researching today… I came across an article (which I failed to record properly) which was both recent and at least appeared more respectable than some… but… anyhow, there was a quote attributed to an ATSB spokesman who stated that the photos they received as proof from PM were dated 2009 not 2014… which nicely dovetails with my suspicions that all the images presented had nothing to do with the claims… will get back to that in the morning, but I suspect other than some loose ends this path is probably at an end… Did find some neat updates for the new 90 day search by AUVs.


Is there still a campaihn open? We really should still be looking for it ( when i say we i mean the trained professionals)


Hi Liam,

No, Tomnod will not be re-opening the MH370 search, which ended long ago. On the ocean, Naval and other professionals searched visually and by underwater sonar with no success. Tomnod and Nodders worldwide scoured images, with no success. We wish there was more we could do, but it is not possible.


Request restart a campaign on the above subject.


I’m sorry. Tomnod has already said no many times and for very legitimate reasons.