Seeing is believing...Loving is believing in the ones you love


For all my friends…

And now that I am grown, my best friend lives inside of me
The others smile at me and call me crazy
But I am not upset, for long ago I found the key
I’ve always known their seeing must be hazy
My friend inside and I would while away the hours
Playing, dancing and romancing in the wild flowers
And we’d sing…


Thanks Cagey! Just what I needed to hear :relieved:


Gosh, I remember my daughter finding that song on youtube, when she was younger and into Unicorns; she’s 14yrs now and deeply into her art and Anime :smiley:


My granddaughters are both into unicorns, and the 3-yr. old in big time into owls and giraffes. The baby loves giraffes and owls - in that order.


Oh well, you got to get your 3-yr old the book called “The Owl Babies”, she’ll love it :smiley:
Actually it’s quite a simple book, but when reading it to little ones, you can have them in tears by the second to last page…last page being the happy ending :wink:

I’ve just listened to this youtube clip of an animated version of it and the woman telling the story just doesn’t use her voice dramatically enough.

The baby owl called Bill is the one you need to concentrate on for building up the emotional drama in the voice. He’s only got the one same line, but boy can you soon reduce your toddlers to tears and then joy if you can make your voice a little more sad, fretful, then wobblier and tearful with every turn of the page; and then the exciting, joyus climax at the end. And no matter how many times I read it to my two when they were lilttle, it always had the same effect, especially with my daughter.
:thinking: Wonder if that’s why my daughter would just wander in to me occassionally throughout the day just to say “oh high mummy” and wander off again :blush:

“The Lost Little Piglet” was another one you can create that effect with. My son couldn’t pronounce that Piglet properly as a toddler and it would always come out as The Lost Little “Pluglit” :laughing:


Both of the girls loved it. They watched it twice! I will be buying the book. Thank you.