Sept 2017 Part 3 - Antarctica: Weddell seals - POI - WOW


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H. Maria - New Maria map to tag!

Thought I’d save a few of these for the new topic…
And yes, Cagey, before you say I’ve posted early, it IS now September 1st in the UK! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Sea monster

A bit early I know, but I found a Christmas Tree

Teardrop :droplet:

And a couple of faces…


Exclamation Mark :exclamation: (or an upside down letter “I”)

And finally, an “O” for Jim (for Olivia)
EDIT: I’ve just noticed that this also resembles a face…)


Ahem! Helen? Do you know you posted 7 screenshots within one post? How do expect anyone to exceed their daily allotment of likes? Of course I would never do that. :innocent::roll_eyes::wink::rofl:


LOL, sorry Jim, I thought I’d probably posted quite enough in the other topic! :rofl:
In any case, we all seemed to be running out of :two_hearts: according to the server…:stuck_out_tongue:


I went through my max and after some time got reset. He he he… But I’m not tellin’ no one. :no_mouth::sunglasses:
Goodnight. :sleeping:


Anyone else think this looks a bit like a drawing of a pig? :pig2: Or could it be a bear? :bear:
image (way right and slightly up from the poly)


Figure 8 or infinity symbol, depending on which way you look at it…
image (slightly right from poly)

Also, right next to the poly is a distinguished-looking face asleep in the snow…


A little baby snow hippo :heart_eyes:



Another “V” for the alphabet collection
image (inside the poly)


Another two for the alphabet… “N” and “M” (or “W” if you turn it the other way up)
image (diagonally down and left from poly)


Here’s an extreme opposite together - a beast with a deer side-by-side. These are just outside the poly, to the right and a little down.
Tomnod_Antarctica_beast & deer


Here is a snake (left) being pursued by another (right). (Just to the right of the poly.)


Can you also see the face in that pic? Looks a bit like Judge Dredd??


LOL! Yes. There was also a face just above and to the right that I didn’t grab when I took the screenshot. Actually, there were so many different features I could in the surrounding area that I decided I would be spending way too much time on them - better devoted to Hurricane Harvey and nodding Antarctica as well. I had each campaign running in separate tabs and would switch back in forth periodically to give my mouse hand a break. That keeps my “RA” knuckle in my index finger from swelling and aching.


I found Pan trying to sneak away! He’s found someone’s discarded black cape and is wrapping himself up in it as he looks back over his shoulder. I wonder where he’s heading now? (The bottom line of the poly cuts through his head.)
Tomnod_Antarctica_Pan sneaking away


I can sympathise with that one, most of the joints in my fingers “have their moments” and flare up if I aggravate them, or sometimes for no apparent reason at all!


My finger and knuckle are most affected by a certain little girl who likes to suddenly grab my finger and walk away (apparently under the impression that if the finger follows her, grandpa follows). She just doesn’t allow time for me to get up out of the chair. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Once it starts swelling/aching, it hurts to use my index finger - typing, clicking or pressing buttons. :slightly_frowning_face:


Here’s the last one before I head down to my house to tend to Angel’s needs. :kissing_cat:
A crying parrot. (They have parrots in Antarctica? :smiley:


Ouch! :grimacing:

LOL, it works, doesn’t it? :innocent::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Just maybe not quite as quickly as she’s expecting it to happen…


No Wonder!! I found a water trail leading to her and Little P’s bamboo bed this morning, while checking the Members lounge this morning, I thought perhaps a water leak, but couldn’t locate it. A lot of crumbs and empty Cheeto bags though and the faint odor of 'Nip in the air.
Apparently Pan and the Dust Bunnies had quite a party last evening in the Members Only Lounge. Someone even forgot to put away the Cd’s. Found them scattered everywhere and in the wrong cases. King Crimson CD in the Partridge Family CD case, The Zombies CD in The Challengers CD case.
Also found evidence of widespread 'Nip usage. Found dozens of baggies that contained 'Nip by the stove with pots that still had some ‘Nip tea’ left. The labels on the baggies all had “Ccat” written on them. I guess the dust bunnies somehow or another ripped (sorry ‘borrowed’) off all these bags of 'Nip in order to party hearty.

They wanted ‘A Cheez and Nip Party’