Sept 2017 Part 3 - Antarctica: Weddell seals - POI - WOW


I don’t think this is my “creative eyes” as @Mel_Nod says I have because this truly looks like a cat wearing a crown with a star in it. Could this be @cageycat - the queen of moderators - caught wearing her regal garb? There’s also a couple of animals to the left looking at her. Tag! You’re it, Cagey! :laughing:
(This is located almost halfway across the screen (not the map) when at Zoom -3 and the poly lined up with the bottom right of the instruction block on the left side.)
Tomnod_Antarctica_CageyCat with moderator's crown


Almost sure it is! :smile: (We need a :cat: emoji with a crown on it!)




Nah, that’s a " Z " for zorro on it’s side.


have you seen the blog post?


Venetian mask?
image (quite a way to the right of the poly but stands out even at -2 zoom)
Just above, there’s a whole load of “faces” looking down on it.


Antarctic graffiti (just left of poly, zoomed out to -2)
Just above that there’s a whole load of “faces” looking down on it.


Almost a :heart: in the ice


@Helen (taxing my cat brain) I seem to remember something on film (a commercial?) where that “face” would come at the end and “pop into” a metallic surface. I want to say it was a car repair or car parts commercial? And there was sound effects, like a blacksmith striking metal, at the end (dum dum!) @Jim… help. It was between 1970 and now… lolol

Well, I found the cat logo… but you gotta watch it getting drawn first LOLOL So what commercial had a cat logo like that shows at the end, except popped out from behind metal? A panther?


BTW, My great-uncle on my mother’s side had this unfortunate 1944 commercial career-- ick!


So now I have to remember something that I saw somewhere within the past 44 years? Talk about taxing a brain (not a cat brain LOL)! But seriously, I do remember a commercial with the blacksmith’s hammer setting the seal, imprint, face or whatever it was. The sound is in my head, but as with people, I can’t seem to put a face on it! :thinking::rofl: Now this is something that is going to drive me :crazy_face: until I can remember what that commercial was about and for what company.
What it per chance an automobile commercial for the Mercury Cougar? :thinking:


Here’s a man peering around a tree. Looks like a pencil drawing.
Tomnod_Antarctica_man peering around tree

Here a circus bear, complete with a fluffy collar who’s playing a guitar.
Tomnod_Antarctica_circus bear playing guitar

Finally, here’s a pair of snowbirds.
Tomnod_Antarctica_snow birds


I was thinking Jaguar, but it could have been Mercury I guess.


Possible… I’m still thinking about it… Hear that crackling sound - like something burning? The same sound my neighbor heard the other day when I was thinking out loud! :rofl:


No it was (to me) more like a loud
strike strike
of a blacksmith’s hammer.

The 2 strikes were quite …striking!!

I told my friend that when I’m on my death bed, I will sit straight up just before I die and loudly announce the company name! But no one will know what I mean. hahaha


Corny! I think I’m starting to rub off on you! :crazy_face: The crackling sound I mentioned was me thinking out loud. But in the commercial, I do remember very well the loud two strikes of the hammer. Thinking… thinking… thinking… now I smell something burning!


Is this “peeping tom” Pan? (just to the right of the poly)
Tomnod_Antarctica_peeping tom


Cary Grant’s bedroom… eye.


Last one for a while (hours? minutes? :neutral_face::thinking:
Here’s a snow lizard that was standing on the edge when a piece of snow/ice broke off - and over he goes! His front leg is waving so frantically it looks like a blur! Poor thing.

And what we are looking for - a seal! This little guy is sticking his head up out of the snow. Lesson: Never fall asleep out in the open during a snow storm. :sleeping:
Tomnod_Antarctica_seal peeking out from snow

Okay, final one! A snow mouse. Notice the very short tail. That’s to keep it from freezing. (just outside and left of poly)
Tomnod_Antarctica_snow mouse


Final one…definitely the final one! Does this look like someone broke the ice, and then sprinkled smaller pieces of ice on top of it? :thinking:

And this snow creature peering out from its burrow. (outside and right of poly)