Sept 2017 Part 3 - Antarctica: Weddell seals - POI - WOW


Antarctic graffiti (just left of poly, zoomed out to -2)
Just above that there’s a whole load of “faces” looking down on it.


Almost a :heart: in the ice


@Helen (taxing my cat brain) I seem to remember something on film (a commercial?) where that “face” would come at the end and “pop into” a metallic surface. I want to say it was a car repair or car parts commercial? And there was sound effects, like a blacksmith striking metal, at the end (dum dum!) @Jim… help. It was between 1970 and now… lolol

Well, I found the cat logo… but you gotta watch it getting drawn first LOLOL So what commercial had a cat logo like that shows at the end, except popped out from behind metal? A panther?


BTW, My great-uncle on my mother’s side had this unfortunate 1944 commercial career-- ick!


So now I have to remember something that I saw somewhere within the past 44 years? Talk about taxing a brain (not a cat brain LOL)! But seriously, I do remember a commercial with the blacksmith’s hammer setting the seal, imprint, face or whatever it was. The sound is in my head, but as with people, I can’t seem to put a face on it! :thinking::rofl: Now this is something that is going to drive me :crazy_face: until I can remember what that commercial was about and for what company.
What it per chance an automobile commercial for the Mercury Cougar? :thinking:


Here’s a man peering around a tree. Looks like a pencil drawing.
Tomnod_Antarctica_man peering around tree

Here a circus bear, complete with a fluffy collar who’s playing a guitar.
Tomnod_Antarctica_circus bear playing guitar

Finally, here’s a pair of snowbirds.
Tomnod_Antarctica_snow birds


I was thinking Jaguar, but it could have been Mercury I guess.


Possible… I’m still thinking about it… Hear that crackling sound - like something burning? The same sound my neighbor heard the other day when I was thinking out loud! :rofl:


No it was (to me) more like a loud
strike strike
of a blacksmith’s hammer.

The 2 strikes were quite …striking!!

I told my friend that when I’m on my death bed, I will sit straight up just before I die and loudly announce the company name! But no one will know what I mean. hahaha


Corny! I think I’m starting to rub off on you! :crazy_face: The crackling sound I mentioned was me thinking out loud. But in the commercial, I do remember very well the loud two strikes of the hammer. Thinking… thinking… thinking… now I smell something burning!


Is this “peeping tom” Pan? (just to the right of the poly)
Tomnod_Antarctica_peeping tom


Cary Grant’s bedroom… eye.


Last one for a while (hours? minutes? :neutral_face::thinking:
Here’s a snow lizard that was standing on the edge when a piece of snow/ice broke off - and over he goes! His front leg is waving so frantically it looks like a blur! Poor thing.

And what we are looking for - a seal! This little guy is sticking his head up out of the snow. Lesson: Never fall asleep out in the open during a snow storm. :sleeping:
Tomnod_Antarctica_seal peeking out from snow

Okay, final one! A snow mouse. Notice the very short tail. That’s to keep it from freezing. (just outside and left of poly)
Tomnod_Antarctica_snow mouse


Final one…definitely the final one! Does this look like someone broke the ice, and then sprinkled smaller pieces of ice on top of it? :thinking:

And this snow creature peering out from its burrow. (outside and right of poly)


The imprints of giants’ soles. They wore open sandals until the ice age.

(Hate being yelled at. “You’ve already replied 3 times to @Jim7 in this particular topic.” Someone else post, and I’ll respond to you too. :heart: )


LOL! I was just to remark that if I told my wife everything I see in the snow and ice in this campaign, she’d probably ask me if I stay up all night thinking about this stuff. That sounds familiar! My mother used to ask my father if he stayed up all night thinking about corny things to say to us children! :crazy_face::rofl: - then the software pops up a window “suggesting” to me that I should try to reply to multiple people at once! I didn’t know there was more than one of me! :confused::roll_eyes::thinking::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I think they’re waiting for us to go to sleep! And I just got this message from the forum software. Geesh!

“Let others join the conversation
This topic is clearly important to you – you’ve posted more than 40% of the replies here.
Are you sure you’re providing adequate time for other people to share their points of view, too?”

Now that’s twice I got “scolded” by the software - within 30 minutes! Goodnight! :neutral_face:


It was the Ram commercial, was it? I remember at the end of it the announcer would say they built these trucks “Ram tough!” (then the hammer and sound, and the imprint of the ram on the side of the truck). :smiley:


GUTS. GLORY. RAM. But I can’t find the “strike strike” ending with the pop out in steel / metal on any commercial.

In case anyone came late, we got on this tangent because of the animal face that Helen posted here:


Easier tangent… Jim’s B&W looks like an Native American Indian’s face… a mean face?