Sept 2017 Part 3 - Antarctica: Weddell seals - POI - WOW


This is weird! Either a white light (laser) beam or “track lighting” marking a diner for the penguins. :roll_eyes: (inside poly)


Hair in curlers? :grinning: (center of poly)


Did the Weddells leave?


Wow! I just looked at the URL from the last time I was one the Antarctica campaign - the 29th of September! Has it been that long since I worked on that? I usually have one tab for the seals, one for the hurricane, one for the forum and one for my email. I just jump from one to the other as a break from one. Oh yes, and when the girls are here I have one tab on YouTube with kids videos (Dave and Ava, Chu Chu TV, etc.). Of course when they’re watching their videos, I’m told to go elsewhere or get them a snack! :face_with_raised_eyebrow::laughing:


Hello everybody!
Thanks as always for your help on the seals campaign. They always need you!

Perhaps this week, we are going to close down shop on the current seals campaign, which has been searching the Bellingshausen and Amundsen Seas of Antarctica. We are going to open up a new section: the Western Antarctic Peninsula, the Astrid Olaf Sea (love that name!) and the Weddell Sea (named after the very seals we seek!). Stay tuned and thank you! You should know that your high-quality data from this last campaign has made this cruise along the coast possible.




Here’s a cartoon duck’s head with big blue eyes. He reminds me of a cartoon I saw as a child that always wanted to “push the button” - especially elevator buttons.
This is above the poly a short way.


Seals! I finally found some more seals at a large hole in the ice. The poly encompasses the lower half of the hole while the majority of seals are off-poly near the top of the hole.


They’re not blue they’re green eyes :wink:


I did actually get that one with the poly actually covering the seals by the hole earlier today.


Hi everybody!
We did it - we pulled the last seal campaign and started a new one! All new imagery for us to WOW over. It really is beautiful to see!

Thank you for your continued help on this campaign, loyal seal volunteers.


Ah, so that’s why things have been a bit sticky this evening, you guys have been fiddling about swapping things over :wink:

No seals to tag yet?


Oh wow, I’m lovin the art . . . . getting excited now :rofl:


A bird, within a fish, within a rock pool :slight_smile:
Over to the far right of the poly


Yes @EmeraldEyes I was hoping not too many people would notice – I have really been fooling around in there! Thank you for taking a look at the campaign!


:heart_eyes: I love the feathered effect of Antarctica :grin:


love the new seals imagery! very clear with good depth of detail. Hallelujah!
Did you all see the news about the large hole that has opened up down here in Antarctica? Don’t have the coordinates, but there was a big flap about it on Motherboard site.


Aw! Rushing, the angle I had my laptop screen at, having that area of the screen shot blocked by the Save-As pop-up window… Best excuses I can come with. :smile::roll_eyes:


It will be a refreshing change from some of the blinding white and the dark gray tiles, I’m sure! :wink: