Sept 2017 Part 3 - Antarctica: Weddell seals - POI - WOW


Swans - near top of map (above, left of poly) and I’ve also rotate it :wink:


Woops, maybe I should have started a Part 4 for this new set of images :blush:


I agree @Beverly1 the imagery in the new seals campaign has turned out beatifully! We have been experimenting with new ways of processing. It is very difficult to get things to look “right” so far south, and with such a lack of color contrast, but we are getting better! Thanks for the compliments we are beaming and blushing. :heart_eyes:


A not so happy bunny :rabbit:
Top right corner of poly


Every campaign has to have a “spill!” :smile: This one looks like blue ink on glass.

This is below the poly quite a ways and slightly to the left.


So cool! Just switched it to new wallpaper on my IPad :grin:


That’s not a bad idea! I think I’ll switch my laptop desktop wallpaper to it as well. Anything beats the woman jogging on the beach that MS sticks you with. Later on - when I remember to get around to it - I’ll be cropping and then combining baby pictures of my grandson (now 22) and my 3 granddaughters. Then that will be my wallpaper. Got to go… one of the girls is awake at 0128!


A snow bird.

(inside the poly, zoom +2)


Here is a glacier flowing. Just above the top left corner of the poly. If anyone wants “alligator skin”, there’s plenty on both sides of the “river”. :smiley:


Here’s two things from the same link. The first is a snow beast’s head as he pokes up through the snow and ice. (This is a large map. This find is below the poly, and to the right (about 1/3 the way from the left). It is above a lone, bare mountain peak and below another snow-covered one.
The second one, some nice fractured ice is way up at the top of the map.)


Weird snow designs… almost like a maze.


Here’s a beautiful scene created just for us! (It’s over to the right of the poly, best to zoom out.)


Here’s an interesting one - two type of textures. To the right there also appears to be an animal lying on its side in the snow.


The abominable snowman taking an icy cold bath with only his face sticking out of the icy water.
(This is way over to the right of the poly, below the group of 3 rock outcrops and just to the right of an outcrop below the 3 above. I zoomed out to move, then zoomed back in to find this.)


This is how I’d like to nod - lying back with the screen slightly above me… just like this alien creature is doing! :face_with_raised_eyebrow::rofl:
(This is over to the right - nearly to the edge of the map - and down.)


That’s how I (almost) always do it! That’s a good picture.

Do you ever find any seals? (Maybe that question should be in a new thread, @cageycat?)

(Edited: I created a new thread with the question, so if you want to reply - please write there instead.)


O-oh, think that snow rino got your ball @cageycat :open_mouth:

image to the right of the poly.


Well now! Thought, I’d seen pretty much everything that Tommy the Nodder and Antarctica had to throw at me, but this one sorta kinda tops it all! zoom out to -5. Not quite sure what?? :panda_face:


I’m not sure what you mean, Bob. But I find a rare, toothed snow snake. (I think was out in the cold too long watching the meteor shower.:laughing:


Does this remind you of Shrek from the Disney movie? (spelling?) He’s found up one rock outcrop from the one partially within the poly and then to the right. Zoom +3.