Sept 2017 Part 3 - Antarctica: Weddell seals - POI - WOW


Looks like Dory to me. :fish:


How about this one? Old man Ice Sheet yawning as it wakes up. (Down and to the right from the poly. He’s the eye of the narwhal.)


This one should make your day… or night, Cagey! An ice sculpture of a kitty’s head. At least that’s all they’ve finished so far. From the looks of the size of it, there’s enough to do a whole cat. :rofl: (It’s just above the poly.


This one reminds of a salmon spawning run. (Straight down from the poly, but near the bottom of the map.)


I think it looks like Olaf OlafNose


On a rational note, it appears to be sea levels having risen and isolated an ice peninsula on the left of the ice edge and having (was caps) sculpted out the shelf ledge in the pink sq. (was caps) I was too lazy to correct caps; sorry about that.
Note from Moderator: I got a magic tool to fix all caps –


Antarctic Snake lays in wait ready to strike :snake:

Of course it could also be a :dragon: :t_rex: or :lizard:


Antarctic :mouse2: or :hamster:



Think this might be a fly the camera lens :smile:



A little bunny peakin through the snow (zoom +1) image


Fly Tipping in Antarctica or this the Abominable Snowman’s armchair :thinking:



Research station :thinking:


Up and right to the poly.


Looks like someone left their shovel in the snow :smile:


Gotta be someone used to being around coal. Coal shovels are flat and squared; garden shovels are pointy and deeper. Is there a story about a Giant Miner?


Think they were hoping to build themselves a bonfire…must get pretty nippy down there :fire:


Had it on a bigger/better screen yesterday, my guess is seal´s or other animals. Having it on this smaller screen, its difficult to see.


Hmm, how small a screen claus :thinking: 'cos I couldn’t make out seals there on the shovel :wink:


Its a little more clear on the link.


Actually you’re right, I can see seals in front of the shovel :roll_eyes: maybe I need my :eyeglasses: :rofl: