Sept 2017 Part 3 - Antarctica: Weddell seals - POI - WOW


Laptop 14" with added 19" screen, I thought this was the best, but seems to the 32" screen is better, depending of the picture maybee, will try to find my picasa somewhere.


I’m not sure how you’re supposed to measure screens these days but mine is 16" wide and 10" high…think I’m going to put a 32" screen on my Christmas list this year :grin:


I’ve just looked up what picasa was and it sounds like it was discontinued in May 2016, now replaced with Google Photos :thinking: I tend to just use Photoshop and my windows snipping tool :slightly_smiling_face:


Picasa best program ever made, and then they dropped it, but i still have it.


It look pretty much, as the yellow grass, in the nr 3 picture, down on this link.


At first glance, I saw a dinosaur hear peering around a rock. Probably looking for a snack. :laughing:


There’s an “Atom Ant” (cartoon from my childhood days), so why not a “space fly”?


Sounds like MusicMatch Jukebox from years ago. Best music editing/converting/enhancing program there was. Then Yahoo bought the company, made all kinds of changes so they could integrate it with their own software, dropped features that made the program the best of its kind and no one wanted it after that! People were looking all over for pre-Yahoo versions. I had a “Pro” version that I still used - until my wife and son did some spring cleaning and tossed my desktop out! :hushed: (and that’s a “mild” emoji as compared to my real feelings about that! :laughing:)


I’ve never quite worked out why, but all the screen measurements you see (e.g. 32" TV, 14" laptop, etc) are diagonal, from top left to bottom right corner (or vice versa, depending on if you’re left or right handed/pawed).


There’s two reasons for that. First is that by measuring diagonally, they only have to give/print one measurement. Reason two: to make it seem like it’s bigger than it really is. :roll_eyes: It’s like 3G, 4G and 5G with cellphones. It may seem like they’re really fast when they say 5Gb (5,000 bits) because most people are used to the term GB as 1,000 Megabytes, It’s like telling a white lie or a half truth. It may be 5,000 bits, but it’s bits not bytes. There are 8 bits (lower case “b”) per byte. So if you divide 5,000 by 8, then the actual speed is only 625 MB/second ) - still quite fast if everything always downloaded at this top speed (which unfortunately it doesn’t). Most people - thinking GB - are misled by the Gb. Imagine if router manufacturers used bits instead of bytes when advertising their routers. Instead of 25MB downloads, they could say 200Mb downloads. Same thing, but more impressive sounding. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


How about this one the angry3 or maybe this one angry6 or this one angry7 or angry_Grandpa

Or maybe you were seething angry_flames or hopping mad angry jump
or maybe it even made your head explode angry_blowup :rofl:


Try all of these together… and then some! It’s been 2 years and 2 months and I still feel like I could put my fist through a wall! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


So my current monitor would be 18" :roll_eyes: and the TV 25 ½" :grin:


I still don’t get that, why would anyone just throw out a desktop without checking first, even if it was an old secondary machine confused6
You just don’t toss out someone else’s stuff without asking them first; you just don’t shrug


Another snake :grin: or a crocodile :thinking: about a ¼ of the way down the map


idea5 Or it could be a hand doing a shadow puppet in the snow of a crocodile :grin:

Actually… @Mel_Nod you been playing shadow puppets with the maps during your coffee break :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :laughing:


A croc! A Shelia at that! I bet she went astray looking for a love interest.

Where’s Bindi and Bob Irwin?

(still miss Steve Irwin with his infectious enthusiasm!!!)




Just a little to the right, looks weird.


@EmeraldEyes the boxes with fish to the seals :penguin::unicorn::fish: maybee its :gift: for the :christmas_tree: