Sept 2017 Part 3 - Antarctica: Weddell seals - POI - WOW


Best way to ID seals is

Have someone take their picture. Sat images are killing my confidence here.


Very sppoky place you found there Claus. I traced several snowmobile tracks back to the ribbed structure. south base, then I explored outward and found this square structure. south base square . Unknown if base is full time or still active- cannot find reference to this location.


Yeh, we loved him too, especially the kids; another wildlife presenter favourite with similar enthusiasm is Steve Backshall, our children were absolute avid fans of him :grinning:


Yes I know, Im becoming good at this (I gues thats what you mean :wink: ), not strange with all those good teachers around me here. Maybee we will have to look/study in one of @cageycat `s book¬īs about Nothingness then :open_book: . Not that much is written about it, in those book¬īs, but thats exactly what explain nothingness, nothing.
Ho Ho Ho, maybee its Santas workshop, preparing the :gift: :tv: to @EmeraldEyes for :christmas_tree:


:evergreen_tree: yay2

excitedcat :gift: Amazing-cat-playing-angry-bird




This one, really got the light on, but seems to have catched some seals anyway.


Looks like the scientists are planting a row of trees for a wind break. :rofl: And from the photo, it appears they cracked the ice when they planted the last one on the right. I see a crack traveling up and away! :neutral_face:


It must bee ice trees then, but I would assume this is 2 dogs, Huskies.


Here’s a seal birthing place (just below the poly).


:open_mouth: But I thought Reindeer drove Santa’s sledge :hushed: :laughing:


Nope, they are not able to on Antarctica, it Must be Huskies. :poodle::dog2::dog::sled:


@Jim7 Take a look at theese color¬īs


:hushed: Look what I found . . . the Antarctica Sphinx…


Hey @Jim I found a letter B for you :grin:



Thank you! Copied the image… :slightly_smiling_face:


I found what looks like a tin coffee mug, complete with a spoon sticking out, and some poor soul who didn’t quite make it to the hot beverage. As you can see, he was buried and frozen while staring at it. (He’s to the left of the mug.) This is inside the poly and zoom +3, although you can very well see it at +2.


Almost looks like a star-forming nebula. Nice!


Okay, who uncovered the latrine? :open_mouth:


@claus, I came across an exposed mountain range where there appears to be red algae and/or bacterium (as well as many shades of brown) that cover nearly all exposed rock. Zoom in to +2 or +3 for full color detail.


Penguins, penguins and even more penguins - and poop! :wink: