Sept 2017 Part 3 - Antarctica: Weddell seals - POI - WOW


But You forgot to mention the Penguin :face_with_monocle: :penguin:


At first I was thinking that the deep reddish brown color was poop, but then I realized that all the mountain tops were some shade of brown to yellowish brown to reddish brown. I was thinking along the line of different bacterium. I’ll go back and see - and edit this reply. Be right back!

EDIT: I don’t see penguins, just the mountain tops. :tired_face: But it’s 2:25 AM here and I have to get to bed. My eyes are getting snow blindness. :grinning: Good night. :sleeping:


It looks a bit like this character from Club Penguin,which is an online game my children used to love when they were little; it’s now owned by the Walt Disney Company. Your grandchildren would probably love it…a little too much at times :wink:


I think the Abominable Snowman dropped his bottle opener…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


To the left of the poly



@EmeraldEyes its the same, just different dates, you know :gift: :christmas_tree::tv:
@Mel_Nod just soo you know, we are counting the same area twice, but maybee its summer and winter seals :thinking:
@EmeraldEyes still not counting, I ment searching :rofl:


Yes exactly @Claus2 - it’s the same place but one image is from 2010 and one is from 2011 - since the seals can move we are doing a little bit of overlap on some spots.


Thx, yes that what came to my mind, after I have posted, researching ofcourse.


Now I know for sure, :rofl:
Totally sure :rofl:
:tv:you want 2 of them :rofl:
Dont worry Em, It also happens to me all the time,
thats what too much Nodding is doing :sweat_smile:
Tomnod, it could become Funnod :tophat:


Image 1 to count new “kids” and parents.

Image 2 to count their kids and grandparents.

Longitudinal study of Weddell Seals Mating and Singing on Ice Flows. LOL


You know, I thought it looked familiar…Déjà vu again :smile:

Ooh, two :computer::computer:'s…even better :grinning:

Or maybe one of these…

Or I could really get into the full 360-degree experience in one of these…image :smiley:
I think it would need a stand though…must be murder on your neck and shoulders :confounded:
It reminds me of those hair-dryers used in hairdressing salons :rofl: image


Oops, looks like someone’s spilt their beer…

Over to the right of the poly :smile:


Super sonic Duck…:smile:

…and another bird in flight :blush:

Ok, last one for today :wink: Horse and Dolphine :smiley:


Ok, juuust one more honest, but I just couldn’t resist this one…

The main one is Snoopy; above his head is either Australia or Kerry Blue terrier/Schnauzer’s head; and above Snoopy’s back is a little snow bunny :laughing:

Zoom out x3 and you’ll find it a ways above the poly


confused6 Pretty lights hmmm :thinking: just above the poly and some above/left of it.


Yes I was thinking about those volcanoes


Woops so you were, I forgot about that :blush:

But is it volcanic or merely light/moonlight reflection off icy flowing waters/icebergs at night :thinking:


Now you know how it look like when Im thinking,
Well ok, trying to then :bulb::sparkle:
I rely on its melting ice, the waves seems to going out from the icebergs`


Yes that’s what I think it is, either sunset or moonlight and such bouncing off the bright white and ice melt.


Oddly enough Claus, I’ve just come across this article whilst searching on google, which better explains my way of thinking for this effect we are seeing…