Sept 2017 Part 3 - Antarctica: Weddell seals - POI - WOW


Ok, and if you come across @Jim7, better tell him the new window update is on the dorstep, so he better go prepare a little more :coffee::coffee::coffee: and maybee a little :doughnut: Night for Now :upside_down_face:


Night, night Claus sleeping2


The water in this image almost appears to have an iridescence to it. Similar to a fuel oil sheen that one often sees in a harbour. Just a thought…:panda_face:


Nah! That would just make you get dizzy… or dizzier! :grin:


Or if you look at the bottom one as the head on the right and a big bushy tail on the left, it looks like "Peppy L’Pew (sp?) - the cartoon skunk. I think he had his own cartoon on the Bugs Bunny Show.


Got it already! :angry: Firefox had a redo and was supposed to be “real fast” as they said. But after MS’s security updates, Firefox is now running slower that molasses in Antarctica! And every few seconds I get a “Not Responding” for just under a second - enough to mess up my typing. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: I guess I’ll have to perform a little maintenance, but first I’m going to bed. It is 2:13 AM.


What the what the did you find, Em??? It is much too regular to be a natural artifact, like icebergs, cause they have rectangles and then boat shapes underneath… Seismic marker buoys???:face_with_raised_eyebrow: If you zoom out they are all over that area. Weird.


Well after rooting around on the internet last night that’s just about the conclusion I’ve come to. Just keying in “Antarctica buoy” and then going into the images tab gives me enough of an answer to satisfy my curiosity. Also “Antarctica at night” you realise there’s all sorts of lighting down there for all sorts of reasons along with wave buoys and navigational buoys and so on.

And I come away thinking, it’s no wonder the ice is melting when Antarctica is lit up like a Belisha beacon with all these research stations, transport, research equipment/gadgets and what not, oh…and all the tourism with their campsites, is it any wonder the ice is melting and the likes of Larsen C broke away. It must all make a mockery of global warming readings for down their :thinking:

Right, back to Weddell Seal spotting :wink:


Ya, probably not volcanoe activity.


Yes it look like the same way as a thin oil film on water.
But not far back we had a talk about stretched pictures, when the sat is is going over a hill, its not quick enough to adjust, and the picture get stretched.
My guess is it is something similar, when shifting too quickly from dark to light, like this,


Yes, I was thinking on you, about that restart, Guess you got to take a step up to Jim8 :eight: maybee even :nine: long way to go :100:


I´ve come to that conclusion, it´s complicated to run computer/internet nowadays, one need atleast 2 computers, with all those updates this/that.
Soo now I have put one on the kitchen table,
to keep an eye on it, while eating.
1 at the coach,
to keep an eye on it, while taking a nap.
The third, also at the coach,
to keep an eye on it,
while not eating nor taking a nap.
The fourth, I guess Ill put it at the shower, :face_with_monocle:


nah Nah…nothing to do with volcanoes at all embarrassed4 giggle1


A horse drinking from the cool pool of Antarctica :grin:

Edit: …or is it a dog :thinking:


I love this one…a kitty getting in a tangle with string :grin: (below poly to the left)

…or has the poor kitty just gone splat in the snow :thinking:

cat-falls-into-snow :rofl:


Antarctic Cherub
image (top right of the poly)


My very first thought was a daphnia. :wink: See? I still remember something from science class way back in grade school. Do they still have grade schools? Or they old-fashion like me? :grin::roll_eyes:


Here’s an Antarctic emoji with a “snow slug” crawling away beneath it. If a terrestrial slug leaves a trail of slime behind, would a snow slug leave a trail of ice or slush? :thinking::grinning: These are just above the poly and on the right side of a snow outcrop.


Here’s another ice core drilling site.


Thanksgiving! Ma and me already ate breakfast.

Who’s bringing the prawns, cephalopods and crustaceans? Big dinner at 5pm.