Sept 2017 Part 3 - Antarctica: Weddell seals - POI - WOW


On our way . . . fresh today Grin roll



I found skull island!!! For real!


Here’s what a “snow mole” tunnel looks like after a night out of partying. I think I may have walked like that on occasion - okay, several times, :rofl: (It’s just to the left of the poly.)


Santa Claus tracks after delivering presents all night. Ho Ho oops…


Or "Ho, ho, wheeee! … Now where did I leave my sleigh? Hiccup!"
And with this I say good night! Yawn!


@Mel_Nod I realize this is a little late, but I get a black line on the Weddell seal campaign as well. It appears when I zoom in to +1 and +2. When I am at “0” zoom, I can recreate the black line by simply increasing my browser’s zoom to 110%. Here’s what I get when I move around a little bit on the map.


If that’s Santa’s sleigh tracks in the ice, I think he or Rudolph might have had a little too much “sauce”… :champagne::wine_glass::cocktail::tropical_drink::beer::beers:


I also get these lines on the maps Jim, you get them in all campaigns no matter. It’s whenever I zoom out the google browser specifically to 90%, 67% and 33% and of course the grid lines shift about as I move the map about. But you don’t get them at 75%, 50% and 25% and you’ll get this whether or not you have zoomed out on the TN screen or not. So I’ve always assumed it’s a google thing and not much TN would be able to do about that :thinking: (But I don’t see these grid lines at all when I zoom the browser in to say 110%, 125%.)

The only times I find it’s a pain in the butt is when I’m trying to get a particularly nice pic without having cut anything out of the scene; sometimes I just have to give up and take more than one shot and piece it together if it’s too large to get in one frame :roll_eyes:


Here something Em should check out - seeing how she likes the “broken glass” effect. This is zoomed out to -5 to show everything, but if you zoom in to each of the points of interest, you see some very nice designs. :wink:


Is there any such thing as a “rock” penguin? :smiley: (zoom out as the poly is part of the left side of the head.)


I found E.T. - his head at least - in a frozen snowball on a mountain top. (straight and to the left from the poly. “E.T.” is zoomed in to +3)


Here’s a face under some blue ice. (over to the right of the poly)


Got some lovely images from this one, thanks Jim :smile:

Well…that’s just one of them :grin:


Someone’s getting the fisheye in this one :smile:


That is a nice one. As I looked around, there were so many that I could have done about 30 screen shots - easily - but I decided just to zoom out to -5 to show you. Seems like nearly every outcrop of rock, Mt. top, chunk of ice, and the snow itself had something beautiful to show. Glad you could use a few. :wink:


No one can say I don’t have a vivid imagination. Here’s a woman standing on the edge of the rocks with outstretched arms. She is apparently singing as to her right there is someone standing at the edge of the snow playing a guitar. Weird that the guitar player is wearing a hat with long horns - or are his chin straps just flying around as he plays? :laughing: (This is to the left of the lower left corner of the poly, then down to the uppermost outcrop of the large group of rocks. Zoom -2 should be enough to get you there quickly.)

I found my eye color. :roll_eyes: (diagonally down and to the left of the poly)


Woah, that’s one biiig dinosaur foot :open_mouth: (right of poly)

And here’s a sly old snow fox if ever I saw one:-1:
image (below right of the poly)

Hmmm, is the plane taking off, landing :thinking:
image Zoom out -2 and the plane is down and the right of the poly and the village is below the plane


Animated Icebergs are on the move:- to the right of the poly and zoom out a little.


I thought that was a child being potty trained.


It could be a sad Jack Frost emoji now :smile: