Sept 2017 Part 3 - Antarctica: Weddell seals - POI - WOW


At least the one you found is running around. The one I found was deceased and looked like its belly was beginning to waste away. :grinning:


For those interested (@claus?), there’s an article in Science Daily about volcanic activity in the Antarctic 17,000 years ago that lead to a deglaciation - along with toxic heavy metals and hydrofluoric acid. The fallout extended at least 2,800 km from Mt. Takahe in the West Antarctic and likely reached South America. Interesting article - and Antarctica-related at that (since we’re looking for seals here). Imagine the devastation should many of those 192 volcanoes in Antarctica decided to start erupting now!


What we already have is bad enough…

  • 5 US Western states with forest fires, over 20,000 acres last I read days ago
  • 8.1 earthquake in Mexico, last one 100 years ago
  • devastation in TX from Cat 4 H. Harvey
  • 3 hurricanes in the Atlantic, with the first strong enough to wipe out ALL of Florida
  • And typhoon-flooding in Asian countries

Might be a relief to have 192 volcanoes go off; we wouldn’t be around long. :frowning:

Oh, feel free to add anything I missed in other countries.


Don’t forget all of those nasty storms in northern South America and all way up Central America!
Scientists are saying they have never seen a map of severe weather in their lifetimes! The satellite photo below shows Hurricane Katia in the Gulf (off Mexico), Hurricane Irma and to the right, Hurricane Jose. Then look at all the yellow, orange and red indicating severe storms as mentioned in my first sentence. Mother Nature fighting back?


I have to type one-handed sometimes, when the cat is sat on my lap and insists on sitting on my (typing) hand!


I don’t know, but it looks strangely like Kermit the Frog.


You could be right there! :stuck_out_tongue: Now you’ve mentioned that, it looks like one of those optical illusions where you can see more than one thing in it. :frog: / :cat:
I have to say the :cat: face is still more dominant for me though :wink:
I’m still blaming anything I “see” on the :pill::pill::upside_down_face:


Lion leaping through the poly


First thought this looked like a hedgehog, but on closer inspection it could just be a hog…
image (quite a way to the left of the poly)

There’s also some other faces in this landscape, and what looks like the fingers of a hand grasping one of the ice blocks


Last one from me for tonight…:zzz::sleeping:
Egyptian mask
image (just above poly)


Oh gawd, me in profile. I always disliked my nose and chin.

@Helen Here’s what happened… I made a running jump over a little ice crack. But my back left toenail caught the ice edge. I tried rolling away as I realized I was going down, but I “body planted” sideways onto the ice, which cracked and plunged me into the water. WV3 scanned right at that moment. I hadn’t even swum over and crawled out yet.

WV3 just likes to enlarge my woes. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I found either a small fox or Alvin the chipmunk. But what is strange is that the illusion that he’s facing toward the left, but staring at him he now faces to the right. Nice illusion! (just above poly, zoom+2). Also, if you go to the map, there is a multitude of skulls, faces, small animals heads, etc. all around this rock outcrop.
Tomnod_Antarctica_dual-faced chipmunk (Alvin)

And my first impression of this was a koala bear. (just above the poly)
Tomnod_Antarctica_koala bear


This is either an alien or a cute little devil creature. (inside top of poly)
Tomnod_Antarctica_alien or devil

Here’s a “snow seal” who poked his head out of the snow and is sticking his tongue out trying to get that piece of fish he dropped. :heart_eyes: (just to the right of the poly)
Tomnod_Antarctica_snow seal sticking tongue out


@cageycat, How am I doing on the Rorschach test so far? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Final one for tonight (this early AM). A partridge above a hawk. (right of poly, zoom -3)


Hippo or alligator :stuck_out_tongue:


Reminded me of Shakespeare’s Hamlet.
‘Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio, a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy…’
(David Tennant [the 10th Doctor in Dr Who] used the skull of pianist André Tchaikowsky for Yorick’s skull in a 2008 Royal Shakespeare Company production.)


Here’s a few - all at the same link. Some inside the top left the poly, one just above it, and the croc (& letter X) half in and half outside of poly (top left).
A mummy (Egyptian that is!)

A crocodile head (with the letter X)
Tomnod_Antarctica_crocodile head

Multiple letters (ancient writing? :rofl

EDIT: I came across two more items in this same map link. A very large face above the poly, and multiple faces, a “sci-fi” boney beast and a small strange animal. Giving my eyes (and brain) a break before I start seeing things in the trees when I step outside. :rofl:

This photo is above the large face.



Say Jim,
This reminds me of ‘Kilroy’ was here. The two eyes peering over a fence. -ake


That’s right! I remember all those cartoon drawings… and then the movie! :smiley: