Sept 2017 Part 3 - Antarctica: Weddell seals - POI - WOW


It is believed that James J. Kilroy was the origin of the expression, as he used the phrase when checking ships at the Fore River Shipyard in Massachusetts during WWII.


I seem to remember drawing lots of that style of cartoon at school, usually along with the tag line “Wot no xxx” (where xxx was whatever was topical at the time!) :rofl: LOL, it was quite a while ago now :wink:


Face looking into poly to see if there are any seals there… (None!)

Also loads of other interesting shapes/letters/numbers etc off to the right…




For you horse lovers (my wife included) I’ve found a portrait of a horse - but it must have gotten wet and the paint is running! Arrrgh! :grimacing:
Tomnod_Antarctica_horse painting got wet

A question for our nodder friends from Oz… Does this look like a kangaroo or a wallaby from above?
(along right side of poly)


“…the paint is running! …”

A painted pony, Jim? Isn’t that what the Native Americans called the Appaloosa horse?


Don’t think we’ve seen this face before - looks asleep, and I’m sure there’s a rat or mouse looking at him from the top right, you can even see the whiskers! (up from poly)


Now a giant Antarctic zip (opened)
image (just below poly)


The server is throwing them at me thick and fast tonight…

Outline drawing of a face in the snow… it’s either the silhouette of Charlie Chaplin or Hitchcock, I can’t quite make up my mind.

And just to the right of that is an Antarctic fox
(Thought it was an Arctic Fox, but hey, it’s got lost and ended up at the wrong pole)


Sea-monster (nice shadow to this one)
image (up and to right of poly)


And another mouse!
image (half under the poly)
Cagey, the ones that escaped definitely started breeding… :wink:


Snail, complete with eye-stalks
image (just outside poly)


And now Mother Nature is showing how clever she is, consecutive letters…
image (just outside poly on right)


Another face for the collection, don’t think I’ve seen this one before
image (up from poly)


Last one from me for tonight (bedtime now! :zzz::sleeping:)

The owl and the pussycat :owl: :cat:
image (down/right from poly)


This appears to me as the outstretched head of a giant tortoise. -ake


:turtle: I can see that now! :stuck_out_tongue: I think I was probably just looking for letters when I spotted those… (and seals, of course!)
Anyway, I thought you called tortoises “turtles” on your side of the pond? :wink:


Nope, two entirely different critters. Turtles are smaller.


Okay Bob, I get your joke - a “painted” pony. It does look like a painting where the paint ran. :laughing:
But there is a difference between the appaloosa and the pinto horses. The appaloosa horse has spotted and/or “spattered” coloring whereas the pinto has a dark background with random patches of white. The dark background is brown. The Native Americans preferred the pintos because of their natural camouflage. The two are indeed different breeds. As with anything else - like cats and dogs - breeders have been busy coming up with different color variations by selective breeding - in both breeds. Can’t just leave nature alone, can they? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


So that makes it an Antarctic Fox then!