Sept 2017 Part 3 - Antarctica: Weddell seals - POI - WOW


Cagey is slipping! Or maybe taking too many cat naps! :sleeping:


Here’s a dog looking down. (outside bottom left of poly)
Tomnod_Antarctica_dog looking down


The always seems to be a cat somewhere around! Here’s a sea creature holding a person with it double set of arms. And there that cat peeking out from behind it! (top right side of poly)


Whatever you’re drinking or smokin, I want some.


I believe the phrase was"ride a painted pony, let the spinning wheel turn." The "painted pony " was whatever you were ingesting at the time. Am I close AKE235?


What!? Black coffee and honey barbecue potato chips (family-size bag, but why do they always disappear with no help from anyone else? :heart_eyes::rofl:
I guess I had better not post the photo of a skull grave yard I just found then… :neutral_face::roll_eyes:


Okay… Here’s my glass of "bubbly!"


Oh no! My nemesis - :dog: - staring right at me!

RUN! :cat2:


Not a good night for “Singing in the rain…”


Blood Sweat & Tears - Spinning wheel !


Not with my wife and I both having so many relatives throughout Florida. And I’m looking at a clear, cloudless, starry night sky. So clear you can see an arm of the Milky Way that is so visible it almost looks like a cloud in the sky. No meteors though!


Here’s a man carrying palm leaves on his back - some of which have fallen over in front of him. (outside of right side of poly)


Here’s two separate fights going on… one between humans and one between dino birds! Seems one human got the better of the other and is dragging him backward by the hair on both sides of his head. Now with the dino birds, looks like one bite off the other one’s head, spit it out onto the snow, then raised its head up and is “crowing” about it. Can you imagine if I should ever let my imagination get away from me? :rofl::crazy_face:


I’m tickled when Nodders use their imaginations! Engaging! Invigorating. Loving it.


Last ones for tonight. Boarding up a house in early AM, get one little one off to preschool, then babysit the 3-month old and 5-yr old for the rest of the day. The 5-yr old starts school on Tuesday. :kissing_heart: (Both are outside and to the left of the poly. The parrot is below the other one.) The first is two things: 1) The abominable snowman falling off a saucer sled, and 2) a wolf (singing, Cagey!). It depends upon how you look at this. The second screenshot is a parrot’s head or parrot fish’s head.
Tomnod_Antarctica_abominable snowman falls off saucer sled_wolf


So that is why they had B— to prevent Grandpa from going into Empty Nest Syndrome this fall. Now I get it. LOL


:heart_eyes: Mother Nature the best artist of all time bar none :heart_eyes: …even when water damaged :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That’s no monster, it’s a seahorse :wink:


I’m envious. All we’ve had for the last few nights is thick cloud.

Did you manage to catch a glimpse of any of the Aurora Borealis? It was visible from quite a lot further south than normal, the figures suggested that we should have been able to see it from the southern part of England (which is almost unheard of!). If it hadn’t been so cloudy, I’d have been out there watching :eyes:


And we’ve had nothing but rain, rain and more rain with a smattering of sunshine on Saturday :smirk:
In fact today’s downpour our sky router has connection with the internet 4 times in the past half hour…just as I’m in the middle of placing an order of a poster for my son’s room :roll_eyes: it’s just taken me nearly an hour :confounded: