Sept 2017 Part 3 - Antarctica: Weddell seals - POI - WOW


:scream: Eek, not good! Nothing should be allowed to interfere with online shopping… :innocent:


Sadly, no. There is too much light polution looking to the north from my son’s house. Directly in line of north - and heading north in order of location - is a 24/7 recycling center, a cement plant, a Texas Eastern Pipeline Terminal and the cities of Albany, Rensselear, Schenectady and Troy. Everyone uses bright lights that don’t seem to have any shrouds to prevent light from going up. :frowning_face:


Same over here. And even on a more local level I’ve got at least 8 streetlamps that I can see from my back garden - makes it totally useless for any astronomy.
If there had been a chance of clearer skies, I’d have had to load the car up and go out and about to find a suitably dark north-facing viewing location.
Guess I’ll have to wait until next year to see the Aurora, I’ve got a holiday booked to go as far North as possible on mainland Europe to have a chance of seeing them…


We may have to ask to use one of my brother’s lake house up north in order to see it - and watch the loons diving for fish and listen to them calling at dusk. :heart_eyes: Oh course I’ll have to get some fishing in as well! :heart_eyes::grinning:


Oh, just imagine the absolute “hardship” you’d have to endure! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Yes… I suppose I’d have to either paddle the canoe or man the oars on the row boat. :roll_eyes:


This screen shot is a sleeping animal (head only) and we an see that it is dreaming about a unicorn - visible within the animal’s head, making it a “head inside a head!” And nowhere in the Bible does it ever say that a unicorn is a horse with a horn. That was something someone (an artist?) came up to depict one. More than likely it was a rhinoceros. :grinning: (this is just outside the lower right of the poly - the unicorn in within its head but facing to the back of the head)


Here a beast’s head (sleeping?) with a small monkey on his face and a lizard on the top of his head. It’s a good thing I don’t have a wild imagination. :roll_eyes: (This is fairly close to the top of the map and to the right, near the edge of the ice sheet.)

Tomnod_Antarctica_beast head_monkey on face_lizard on head


Here’s Little Bo Peep sitting on the snow and leaning against the rocks while holding her sheep across her lap. (inside poly, lower left)

Tomnod_Antarctica_girl sitting on snow against rocks


Here 4 photos… Then I head off to slumber land.

All are outside of the lower left side of the polygon.

1st photo: Cat standing on rock next to old man. Large face in snow with the legs of the old man making up the short squared-off beard of the face.
2nd photo: E.T. and another fell through ice. Person holding up E.T. because he can’t swim.
3rd photo: Kangaroo head.
4th photo: 2 men in canoe battle rough seas to transport giant lasagna noodles. :yum:

fell thru ice

Tomnod_Antarctica_kangaroo or horse head

Tomnod_Antarctica_2 men in canoe battle waves


Is she drinking hot chocolate with those tiny cotton balls?


Seeing how it’s Antarctica, it’s probably iced tea or (yuck) iced coffee.


:astonished: iced coffee’s not “yuck”. I first discovered it on the Cayman Islands yeeeears ago; had 2 before my meal at a restaurant and was then too full to eat :laughing: They gave me their recipe for it but I’ve just never been able to make it the same :disappointed:


brew coffee
get mug
put hot coffee in freezer to stop “cooking” (shock it)
Pour into mug
add ice
Serve cold.

Heck, don’t ask me! I go for sardines & shrimp. Mew.


Ah no cagey, it was a bit more than that (but purely non-alcoholic…before anyone suggests otherwise :wink: ) .
They used condensed milk in it and maybe something else, but I reckon part of it is to do with brands we can’t get over here :confused:
But then again maybe it’s just one of those things that don’t taste the same when you make it them yourself :upside_down_face:


Shrimp and Sardine Frape


It is if you’ve never had it before, were only 16 years old (48 years ago :hushed:), just finished busing tables at a busy resort on one of the hottest days of the year :weary:, and ran into the kitchen to chug down a tall glass of iced tea - only to find out it wasn’t tea! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: The odd thing about it is I’ve drank hot coffee since I was 14 and had a newspaper route - making a daily stop at a local greasy spoon (diner). One food I have the same problem with is cucumbers - hate them with a passion! But pickles? :heart_eyes::yum:


I also love them both. My wife used to eat sardines, but I think with age she turned from a nice kitty into an old salty dog. Did I just say that out loud? :face_with_hand_over_mouth::zipper_mouth_face: As for shrimp, she would never touch them - until a couple of friends took us out to dinner for our anniversary (20th?). I planned on eating her share of the jumbo cocktail shrimp (as well as my own), but she had to decide that evening to give them a go. She liked them! She ate hers and started to snitch a few of my own. Noooo! We had to ask for another bowl full. Now I never get any “extras.” :sob:


My dad used to unwind a can of sardines and eat them from the can. Shudder!


Me too! In water, oil or mustard? Love all three, but mostly the first two. Sardine sandwich, Cagey? :yum: