Server speed in Libya


My chronometer is consistently saying that the server is able to toss up tiles more quickly when I’m moving from the left to the right. It is hard to notice but from right to left has more stickiness and the overall times for doing an entire row is quite a lot quicker from left to right.

Any reason for this or is it just on of those Great Mysteries of the Internet?


@Newtonian Interesting observation. I dug in and I see nothing on the tech side of Tomnod that would make moving one direction or the other faster than another. Thank you!


Actually I agree with Newtonian; I’ve been scrolling from side to side on all the campaign maps for a while now because it’s just quicker going left and right, though I never really thought to mention it :smiley:


Emerald – I was saying that it is faster going this —> way than it is going this <— way. Jon is saying that I’m full of beans. That’s O.K. though because all of the doctors and the DSM-5 say that I “see” things that aren’t there. Squirrel!


Well… I might be the one full of beans. @Newtonian, it is always good to bring these issues up. They really help us out. We will keep this in mind and see if we hear it from other users as well.

Often we rely on “hearing it from multiple users” to help us prioritize issues, not because we don’t care, but because we are a small team. This helps us address the highest impact issues with the hours we have.

So far, this issue doesn’t seem to be widespread. So best place for it is here in the forum. To wait and see if other users report the same issue or not.