Settings need help to see what im searching for


could you please help me with settings i cant see close up it is all distorted. i cant find anywhere on the search campaign
were the are any adjustments or settings please help



If you are doing the Aspen, CO campaign, please just skip the tiles that look like abstract art, or very stretched scenes. I believe the angle of the satellite–the nadir-- caused some distortions. Most of the distortions I saw, starting at the top, were on the right side but was only about 2-tiles wide.

There are 2 things Nodders like us can do.

  1. Control Key plus the minus key reduces browser font size and image size… (reset by holding down Control Key plus the plus sign)
  2. The + and - on Tomnod can reduce or enlarge the map.

This helps if you want to see the whole map.

Use + sign on Tomnod to zoom in to see a particular spot.

I tend to put my browser at 90% so I see more than 1 tile, but use Tomnod to zoom in.

NOTE: It is normal to get pixelation (tny boxes) when at neg3. Try neg2. But for the abstract art on this one, just ignore (like we do with cloud cover) and go to the next tile.