Slavery & fish nets - NO, it was Nodders!


@Mel_Nod could you please correct this writing?

“In a 2015 effort, DigitalGlobe, whose Earth-observing satellites provide much of the data for Google Earth, recruited users to zoom in on images of Ghana’s Lake Volta, where experts suspect children are forced to work in fishing. “We were looking across this massive lake to try to detect boats,” says Rhiannan Price, director of DigitalGlobe’s global development program in Westminster, Colorado. In total, 90,000 users pinned 80,000 boats, buildings, and fish cages.”

“recruited users” — No, that was Nodders! It was done on the Tomnod platform. We did the fish-cage-net campaign, and the kiln-slavery campaign!

But no where in the article are Nodders and Tomnod cited, by name.

Tomnod NEEDS this kind of publicity!! We NODDERS need this kind of recognition!! @Mel_Nod

Writer: By Sarah ScolesFeb. 19, 2019 , 3:45 PM

We will all recognize images like this one.

Our work fed the machine algorithms (again) .

And we aren’t given credit for what we do. A little boasting about Nodders, a little publicity, would at least make a thank-you for us.

I have never seen any company that hides a huge resource, like us Nodders!


P.S. To all Nodders, you’all do FANTASTIC work!


I remember working on the fishing weirs campaign. Maybe whomever wrote the article wasn’t aware of what it shows at the bottom of DG’s homepage… “Tomnod”… and maybe that person isn’t even aware of Tomnod is? Still, it would have nice to at have gotten an honorable mention.

I just realized that the author is a reporter for Science Magazine and probably did do her homework while gather the facts. She could always correct and update her article… just needs to be notified of this. I’m also wondering if she even spoke to anyone from DG about this. Maybe not! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


The journal article referenced is open access. Go to this link and click to see the full pdf. On p 3 and in the acknowledgments, credit is given to Zooniverse!! :rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
We did that work not Zooniverse!!


Well, it looks like Zooniverse did this and are currently going through a second set of images. Was there a dual campaign? @Mel_Nod, do you know if this is the same group who worked with Tomnod?


EDIT: It looks like the brick kiln project was done in 2017 in Zooniverse and 2018 on Tomnod. Zooniverse’s imagery in this campaign was poor resolution compared to Tomnod. Maybe they used us after Zooniverse? University of Nottingham was the backer in both Zooniverse and us.


And Zooniverse is doing a Weddell Seal count too

Okay, this should make everyone proud:
From Michelle LaRue’s Twitter:


I did try a few of those campaigns on zooniverse a couple years ago, including the weddell seal one. But it really tried my patience with the small window you have to work in, such a pain when you have to zoom in/out and constantly having to switch the cursor to drag the image. And when you have finished with that image you’ve these pointless question/answer selections you have to make before you can move on; about as annoying as a game show host…are you sure that’s your answer…are you sure you’re sure…is that your final answer :woozy_face: :rofl:


Yes! That website is so user unfriendly! It is nearly impossible to do on an iPad. The whole setup is bad. It is like the Amazon (the company) of crowdsourcing. We are like the beloved mom-and-pop who we hope does not go out of business :unamused: