South Africa validation--Oh me oh my! Rapid zigzags & medical conditions


Hey Techs,

First, I like how we stay on one tile and keep tagging (versus the old zippity-do-dah across many tiles).

But, I wonder if you could set it so we move down a whole row (even as “every other” or “every third one” and then go back to tag the rest)? (I wish we could individually set the speed…maybe next year.) I know we zagged with poly campaigns before…but I think those were set further away on 1 tile…or maybe the poly itself helped ‘break’ the visual effects?

This tile, for example, shows what I’m asking… staying on 1 row even if it skips every other car:

Rationale: Anyone with a seizure disorder, or someone taking anti-seizure meds for neuropathy pain, or even someone with the ordinary eye condition nystagmus, will quickly feel nauseated with switching from row 1, a short distance across the parking lot to row 2, back across to row 1 in a new position, etc. For those who have seizures or being treated with those meds, the shorter distances of the zigzag on the same tile and the rapid movement could even trigger a seizure-- like on many video games.

So any chance you’all could devise a slowed-down and closer, more regimented “pattern” for us to use? Something that doesn’t zigzag up and down but moves across a row, instead?

Seasick land-locked :cat: And here, I thought the sparkly waves were bad in Ghost Ship. ha!

P.S. If you fall into these descriptions, break eye contact every few tags. Look away or close your eyes for a second to interrupt what your brain is processing. I’ll be taking lots of breaks on this one.


Yep, definitely had that problem the night I started on this campaign, made myself sooo nauseous, my own fault, but I was determined to reach 1k before I went to bed. Now I feel sickly just thinking about it :sweat_smile:


I had several weird shapes, burnouts, on images South Africa to show you, but they refused to transfer. One even looked like Snoopy with a pink & green striped hat. Has WV3 been tippling again?