Starting in 8 hours!




? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


What @Shaul ! No weekend? No love? No happy? Too much of a different time zone? :grin:


I think I’m as confused as Shaul! Topic title says “Starting in 8 hours”, Cagey’s picture (posted 6 hours ago) says “Happy Weekend”, but… it’s only MONDAY! Just gone 7pm for me now, to be exact…

Huh? :upside_down_face::thinking:
Cagey, have you been at the catnip?


Do you have a weekend already on Monday?!?


I got it posted late. Sorries for the confusion. :cat with tail between legs:

But why can’t we have a good time as if it is the weekend on a Monday? :heart_eyes_cat:


You are forgiven Cagey, as always! I’m usually fairly easy to confuse on a Monday evening, first day back at the chaos called work, and all that! :crazy_face::upside_down_face: Have some catnip :tea: and some :fish::fish_cake::fish::fish_cake:…


I think I was thinking of my hopefully last “bed delivery” day NEXT Sunday and how nice it is to enjoy THIS weekend… but forgot the wkend was over. Oh well.

So let’s have a Weekend Monday instead of an End of Friday (which was what was in my feline mind).


Weekend Monday–



Aw heck Cagey, you mean it’s not the weekend…again…already :sob:
I nodded off on the couch about an hour ago; woke up and everyone had gone off to bed :hushed:
You had me thinking they’d left me sleep through the whole week shock

So then I carried on reading through these posts thinking maybe it’s cagey’s brand new replacement bed arriving in 8 hours and she’s looking forward to spending the whole coming weekend in it :thinking:
Then I read through the final posts and am now thinking, you’ve already slept through the weekend…and missed the post :laughing::laughing::laughing::rofl:


And talking about sleeping…I’ve started my spring cleaning…already :grin:

…and the I took my daughter to the orthodontist after school to have her bottom brace put in :sleeping:

Her orthodontist if a very quiet, soft spoken man; his room is small and I’d swear it’s totally sound proofed…and cozy warm in there. His assistant barely said a word and I could hardly hear either of them talk as I sat quietly in the corner :blush:
My daughter is a quiet, very laid back and chilled kind of girl and she just lay there quietly in the reclined chair. I think we were in there for about 3/4’s of an hour and at the end of it all the orthodontist say’s to me “she’s very quiet and so patient isn’t she?!” :laughing:

When we came out and got into the car my daughter was saying how it was “sooo relaxing” just laying there not moving, no talking, just complete and utter silence and how well rested and relaxed she felt afterwards…:smiley:


I wish I could get my DIL and wife to do that! :rofl:


Okie dokie… let me try this again! Happy WEEKEND! (Bed delivery for me on Sunday!)

In advance…try to do this!

(In Germany)


I loved to see Easter Trees… but in Pennsylvania and West Virginia mostly, they were catching on like wildfire back in the 70’s… anywhere they perpetrators settled down. The concept is solid… but a few of the modern decorations for lawns etc were getting the same treatment as Christmas…


For one horrible moment there, I thought you were wanting us to count them :sweat_smile:

And that I’ve realised what you really meant, I thank crunchy we don’t have a tree the back garden…there’s no way I’m going to spend xxx number hours/days/weeks tying eggs to a tree and it’s not a craze that’s ever reached, let alone caught on over here. phew2

We don’t even decorate over here…at least not that I’ve ever seen.
I do set up an Easter egg hunt the night before, hiding treats all over the house and garden and leaving clues and conundrums to the next treat. And I do believe that even at 15 and 17 yrs, the children still want the hunt :open_mouth:


429…430…431… Okay! I quit! :laughing:




Not just count, Em, grade for size and colour, then determine which little lawn ornament critter owns which grouping…

Have fun… right now I’m looking for some green beer for tomorrow, but I don’t actuallly think they can dye Guniness. might be regarded a crime Save it for US brands… ah ha…


Google: Christa and Volker Kraft Wow!

Wikipedia has a good article on the easter trees.


According to the post, the tree has 10,000 fake eggs.


Then I only had 9,569 left to count? Oh, man! I was almost there! :upside_down_face: