Starting in 8 hours!


Guinness is too dark to turn it green as it would require too much food colouring.
That would most likely affect the flavour and more likely to turn it a horrible muddy colour which wouldn’t go down to well me thinks :sweat_smile:

The Tomnod IT staff on their St. Patrick’s night out :rofl:


I did say it would be a crime! In fact there was a TV news spot that showed a bar that tried, I think… it would explain the muddy mess they were showing… but the people drinking had ‘normal’ Guinness…

As for the dancing staffers… You’ll have trouble with the day after images… ha ha


<< trying to figure out how we got to drinking >> Oh yeah… cos it was the WEEKEND!!

PSST… I don’t drink. :lap lap:


Psst…me neither drunk


The snowman said to tell you he does.