Stay Tuned for Hurricane Harvey Campaign


Hello all,

Pending our ability to get cloud-free imagery from the area impacted by Hurricane Harvey, we will be posting a new campaign to place tags on and map flooded buildings and roadways and trash piles. We only have cloudy imagery as of this writing, but are continuing to process imagery that we hope will work in a crowdsourcing campaign.

Please stay tuned here, and we hope you will join us.


Great! Looking forward to it being available. - Bob (Forum Moderator)


From watching the satellite photos and animations from NOAA, I thought there was too much cloud cover to be able to do anything as a campaign. But once the clouds moved out I figured Tomnod would be helping in any way they could. :smile:


Absolutely our thought, @Jim7. Here’s an image we did capture, of the eye of the hurricane over Gregory, TX.




When can we start tagging??


Hiya @kateg

Melissa said they were looking for a clear patch of weather. Then, they’ll have to bring in the images (E.T. phone home), process them, and “seam the strips” (lay them out beside each other on the computer), and get them ready for tagging. Whew! (Maybe Monday? LOLOLOL I’m just joking; I have no clue if or when they’ll scan the area. They caught the storm images… so X fingers for post-storm.)

BTW, let’s all rev up efforts on Weddell Seals before we get “Hurricane Harvey Goes to Houston Texas”. We don’t want the Weddells lying on ice sheets, freezing, and waiting for us all to get back. :wink:


Thank you, @cageycat! That describes the situation well. We’ve managed to find some workable imagery and have even gotten it in to Tomnod - but we’re working out bugs before we release it to you guys. Hoping for this afternoon.


Well, I spoke too late - we are making the campaign live to the homepage!

It may be a little slow but we think we can get started on mapping impacted areas. Thank you, volunteers!

I am going to wait to post this to facebook/twitter etc till a few of you have been in there and tested it out. Report here your user experience and if you think it is ready to go out broadly.


Thanks Mel, just found it!

For reference (experience from previous campaigns) is there any specific way you want us to tag flooded roads? E.g. one tag at either end, or one in the middle of the flooded area? It’s sometimes not obvious where the tag should go…


Hi Helen,
Great question. One in the middle of the flooded road is great; if the section of flooding is long (greater than 20m), you can tag either end or sporadically along the flooding. Any tag within 20 m will be absorbed into the same “tag,” so no need to go wild with the road tags. Hope that helps.


Thanks! Haven’t found anything to tag yet, I got started at Ellington airport, which seems unaffected. No other problems so far either, it’s not running too slow yet, covered just over 100 tiles so far…


@Mel_Nod Thx, Q and W function Missing,
(Use the Q and W keys to toggle between pre and post-event imagery)


Q and W working for me! Are there areas of the map that don’t have pre and post images?

I’m around on the map, if that helps…


Thanks @claus and @Helen. The pre/post was working for me, so good to know that there are some areas we may be missing pre-imagery. Will look into it.


@Helen @Mel_Nod This map seems to be missing Q and W


Hmmm @claus I am getting pre on that map!


I have Q and W function there as well.

@Claus have you tried a browser restart? Or a different browser?
Or perhaps a cache clearout may help?
I’m using Chrome (latest version) on Win7 if that gives any clues.


Just reloaded, its on now Thx.