Stay Tuned for Hurricane Harvey Campaign



Ok Mel here’s a conundrum for you :grin:

Q and W were just not on for no matter what usual method I tried. I use Google Chrome’s browser; I’ve clear out history, restarted the browser and even rebooted my pc. Even tried using Chrome Incognito just on the off chance as this seems to help with some other issues in the past. But nothing worked.

But what I did know WOULD work it is going through the back door…again. This entails using any link nodders post on here, fortunately @claus has posted one…thank you claus, I knew I could rely on you :wink:
NOW the Q and W work! And I’m in and I’m happily nodding Grin roll


INTERESTING @EmeraldEyes - thanks for letting me know. We’ll keep working on it…


Mel, it’s the only way I could do the Weddell Seal when we tagging the seals, because otherwise the whole map would show without the grid. This all started earlier in the year after a previous poly confirmation campaign had been closed it might even have been after the Peru campaign. Anyway these problems have been present ever since :confused:


Hmmmm. Ok, thanks @EmeraldEyes and all for the reports. I have a developer looking at it now, so hopefully this will get fixed up. It would be hard for someone new to Tomnod to know what was going on.


I’ve just gone into it through the front door tonight and it seems to be working fine now with the Q and W and all.

The zooming out is fine up to -2 then it starts to slow down; I’m not even going to attempt to out to -5 as that will have me waiting several minutes to load; particularly with a large map like this one

I’ve scrolled through 2 rows on this map and it’s all been white cloud. So to circumvent that cloud we can zoom out the map and browser to the max and see in order to circumvent the cloud cover. There is some land revealed through the clouds on this map down the right side and the odd patch inside which we can go straight to if only it wasn’t so slow to zoom out :confused: It is a fairly large map of cloud!

And there is damage to be tagged within those gaps such as this one:-