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The BBC on line today reports that thousands of people in western Nepal are fleeing before a landslide dam is overtopped which “might” lead to a large downstream flood. As of Sunday night water level behind the dam had risen to a depth of 200 m. (

The report says that Nepal sent troops to “siphon off the water from the fast growing lake” and “authorities say large areas could be at risk of flooding if the collected waters burst.”

A large downstream flood will take place; there is no “might” about it.

The standard mitigation procedure for large landslide dams is to start digging a spillway down through the dam. Eventually, the water’s rise and the spillway meet and a large catastrophic outburst flood still takes place but with a smaller volume of water than if the spillway not been dug.

For some distance downstream all is swept away in the flood, but farther downstream the flood becomes more like a “normal” flood. i.e. bridges, roads, fields, buildings along the flood’s path are damaged but not destroyed. People are displaced and camps start to grow.

Now is the time for Tomnod to acquire the before images so that it is ready to go when the dam bursts.
Jim Geologist


Flood devastation in TX and OK may be topic to be considered by Tomnod.


Tracking possible Rohingya refugee boats in Southeast Asia.


Pre-event imagery is ready to go & the landslide areas are currently being tasked for imagery. Any images we collect will be added to the original Nepal Earthquake campaign.


We are currently tasking the satellites in order to collect imagery over these areas -will launch a campaign pending imagery.


As I get it there must be 3 different Places, the latest landslide
happened saturday or sunday 24 may,
but 2 different on the satellite Pictures, is dated 3 may and 8 may??


Hi as I get it, there must be 3 different landslides into river´s, the latest happened 24 may or so,
but the 2 other´s on the satellite Pictures is dated 3 may and 8 may ??


Would it be possible to reinstate the Catamaran search in the Indian Ocean considering it was spotted capsized by a passing ship last week and there are coordinates available for that AOI. I understand the MRCC in S. Africa has reestimated the area of drift even since last week. There is a slight chance the 3 men onboard may be alive inside the hulls of the catamaran as in the case of the Rosa Noelle trimaran in 1989
in which 4 sailors survived 119 days inside the capsized boat. See: Catamaran sighted


Hi, just wondering if there will be another search campaign for the missing catamaran Sunsail RC044-978. After the sighting of an upturned cat fitting its description sighted by a passing container ship close to 600 NM off the coast of Mauritius; I would have thought it would be of some urgency to find out if there was any survivors in the pontoons, if life-raft was still on-board or not. The position at that time was 27 26.4S 064 30E but it’s been over 2 weeks since that sighting! I suppose with it not being Tomnods decision to make, you are all probably as much in the dark as us.


Great idea, Jim. This is one example of how people of various backgrounds and knowledge can contribute to Tomnod. I love how people are coming together for good purpose!


The Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands is in state of emergency after being hit by super typhoon Soudelor. Can a campaign be started to map the destruction? Thousands are without power or water, and drinking water is running low. It’s anticipated may take 3-4months to repair damage.


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How about a campaign on the western states fires?