System Upgrades to Tomnod week of Nov 21, 2016


Hi Tomnod team! This is Jon from the Tomnod Dev Team.

Starting Nov 21, 2016 we will be making some upgrades to enhance the security of the authentication system on We are migrating users and authentication to a service called You can read more about how they take security of your credentials seriously on their website

We believe this upgrade is the best way to ensure the continued security of Tomnod users into the future.

Here is what you need to know:

  1. This upgrade will require all Tomnod users to reset their passwords. Sorry for this. But it is the best way to ensure security of your passwords.
  2. Your past work on tomnod will not be affected and will remain associated with the email address you currently use to log into Tomnod.

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Starting Nov 21, 2016 when you tomnod sessions expire, you will need to login again.
  2. Click the sign in link in the upper right hand corner of Tomnod
  3. If you try your old password you will see a message that your login was unsuccessful. Click the reset password link.
  4. Follow instructions to reset your password via email.
  5. Login again and enjoy tomnod!

Let me know if you have any questions. I will answer them in this thread. Thanks for all your efforts Tomnod team!

Can't Sign On Tomnod


@Jon_Saints @cageycat @Pastor_Ruth @HappyMapper

Jon, this Bob, one of your moderators. Might I suggest that you post this upgrade message or something similar on the main opening TOMNOD page? Majority of current and/or new users use that portal to access the campaigns and/or the forums. Maybe a banner, scrolling on top of the page? Just a thought. - bob


Jon, I’ve just managed to log in using my usual password, no message popped up that it was unsuccessful :confused:


Same here (but I was gonna keep that a secret LOL). I figured they liked our names and PWs so much that they changed their minds (hope hope!).


Ooh, I love secrets so I think I’ll keep mine secret too :smiley:

Actually, talking about secrets, my son had the bright idea tonight of setting up some sort of group link on my facebook account with my side of the family to help coordinate with the Christmas gatherings :fearful: I just told him I’d change my account :sunglasses: :laughing:


1 month later and NO change to log-in.


shhhh… we weren’t gonna tell them. :wink:


Yeah shhhhh I hate having to change it… takes me ten years to remember it and usually about three password changes or recoveries for it to stick! :upside_down:


Alright. Thanks for your patience. Upgrades to Tomnod authentication system were made tonight. As your sessions expire you will need to follow instructions above to reset your passwords.

@AKE235 Thank you for the suggestion to post a message on the homepage. I put a message in the login dialog box so users will see it when they try to login.

Let me know if you have any issues and I will try to address them in the this thread. Thanks again!


It persistently rejected the new PW. So I clicked “Forgot” and had you’all send me a Change PW email. I entered the same new PW I had been trying before, and it was accepted. scratching head :cat2:

Oh-- however-- that reset page is a dud. All it says is “Your password has been reset successfully.” but is not hooked into going to Tomnod. Have to re-enter the tn URL.


Got it. Yes. that reset page is not redirecting right now. I will look into it.

Glad it is working for you now!


I put in a redirect so users are sent back to the tomnod home page.



Jon, I had no problems with resetting my password. Worked like a charm, albeit resetting it from my cellphone. - AKE235 (Forum Mod)


Woo! Great to know that it works from mobile for you as well.


Errr…oops :blush: forgot about this change :smile:
Couldn’t remember whether I’d been in here yet this year, but found I couldn’t even remember my password to login…tried every one I’ve got on the go elsewhere too :sweat_smile: So just selected “forgotten password” (or some such thing) and reset it. Don’t ask me what/how I did it 'cause I can’t remember that either…too tired to catch up now…be back again in the morn :wink: