Tech - 2018 - Cannot sign in to any campaign except seals


Okay, this is an official whine! I can no longer get signed on to Maria or the African camps at all. I can do the Antarctic seals, but my eyes go on strike after a completed set of tiles. Can’t we manage to set the counters back to zero after recording the totals so the tiles will load some time this century? Or restarting a brief number of tiles so we don’t run into the overload we encounter now? Whimper.


Okay, after I managed to sign in to African campaign, I was able to place 2/3’s of a camp’s tags when it started dropping tags. Tag it and then watch it disappear. Where are you Mel???

@Mel_Nod @Jon_Saints

Moderator Edit : adding in the call sign before names.

@Beverly1 ALL clicks / tags on ANY map are recorded on servers. That doesn’t help you seeing them, I know, but they are counted.


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Hi Roger, Beverly was referring to the ‘Satellites over Seals: Queen Maud Land Seal Count’ campaign which is now closed. Basically it was a campaign to tag seals down in Antarctica for researcher which ran for a couple of years on Tomnod but it is now completed :slight_smile: