Tech - 2018 - Satellites over Seals: Queen Maud Land Seal


Has anyone else come across this map…seems to be having problems…@Mel_Nod

2018 - Satellites over Seals: Queen Maud Land Seal Count! Area 3

I’ve seen similar stripey effects - I put it down to the image processing rather than a specific technical issue. Hopefully @Mel_Nod can confirm this?


Did you see anything else on that map? or just the stripes? I honestly quit after taking the screenshot, as I thought the map wouldn’t contain anything else.


I’ve just checked, I haven’t done that map yet. There must be another one with stripes… and I honestly can’t remember if it was this newest campaign or the previous one!


I think you may be recalling the previous one Helen. I went through one just like this early on in area 2 of the campaign and did eventually see bits and even tagged something in that but I really doubt it was of any worth to the campaign. I dare say Terri’s is something similar to it. I going to have a look now and check the outer edges…top’n’bottom :grin:


Been all over that map now, an this is about as exciting as it gets. I didn’t even tag anything, I wouldn’t bother wasting valuable tagging time on it :wink:

Started getting more visibility from here on my way down the map.

This is the completed map, not worth tagging…not even that doubtful one I did put down :smirk:


Thanks! As I said I didn’t go through the map thinking we needed it corrected anyways. But I see now that there is not much there. I will go back to it.


I wouldn’t bother going back to it Terri, it’ll just be a waste of your valuable tagging time :wink:


I will move forward on other maps. Thanks for your help!


You’re right! I’ve only completed a couple of maps so far on this section of the campaign, so it’s very unlikely to have been that. I’ve not :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: had any problems with the maps I’ve seen so far (OK, other than not seeing any seals, which I don’t think counts as a technical issue…!)


OK, I have another tech issue for @Mel_Nod. This map ( appears to be all black. It’s a large-ish map, but wherever I drop into it, the tile is black, and I quite often get the “broken picture link” icon showing…

EDIT: Jump to Priority button keeps taking me to another square on the same map, think it’s got stuck. Even exiting the campaign and restarting brings me back to the same map…


I’ve just opened all four corners and random tiles within and they’re all black, I’m not doing any more of them.

Helen, if you need a link to another map to get out of it you could use this one I’ve just finished and Jump from there if you’ve already done it…and cross your fingers it doesn’t take you back the abyss :crossed_fingers: :wink:


Thanks Em, I eventually solved the problem of it continually bouncing me back there by going over every tile… very quickly! :dizzy_face::unamused::expressionless: I can confirm that the entire map is black!


I just did this map and it is all black tiles…I was curious.


I wasn’t curious once I’d sampled a few random tiles… it just wouldn’t let me go anywhere else until I’d finished it. :dizzy_face::unamused:


That’s too bad…I started out thinking just the first few lines were black tiles, and before I knew it …I was over half way and thought okay just finish it now!!


Thanks @Helen and others for letting me know about the black map – I will pull it out today.

And Helen, you are right. We have a lot of trouble making good imagery in Antarctica where things are so white. We often get this type of stripey effect. We are hoping that you can still find seals!


I can imagine! I know how tricky it can be taking land-based pictures of bright and/or snowy scenes…
:crossed_fingers: I can manage to get some proper exposures next month when I go away. Not sure if I’ll see snow or not, but it’s a distinct possibility north of the Arctic circle!

I think I’m finding the seals…


Mel_Nod, I am feeling abandoned here. Please see new issue in technical issues.

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I just realized - after doing the entire map :roll_eyes: - that this is the one and the same map you’ve been talking about. It is indeed all black.

Ah, Mel? (@Mel_Nod) That was 17 days ago and the server is still serving that map up. :roll_eyes: