Technical - resuming work on a campaign


Hello my name is mathew. i wonder if it it possible to store the work what is tagged on the map when i stop searching and log out. Now everytime i log in again the whole field is black again and all has to be done over again. thats realy anoying. It would be a good idea when you log inagain, the search field is as it was when i left the seach and can continue searching where i left of.
Thank you.

Technical - idea re: clouds and question

Hi Matthew,

Each time a person is Logged in and tags, that data goes right to the server and is stored. It remains stored when you log out. Tn does not have us re-do work we previously did.

I think what you might be referring to is how Nodders are taken to an area of “high priority” when first logging back in? “High priority” just means “This Area has not been searched or reached a strong consensus yet…and Tn sees you haven’t been to this tile/area yet, so let’s start you here”.

The only way, for now, to resume exactly where you left off is to copy the entire URL or bookmark it.

Have you tried zooming out to -5 on the platform to see areas you’ve done?


My advice is - don’t logout when you leave :grin:
works for me …