Techs - I still wish we had


a “this is where you left off” return into the campaign. The lack of it drives OCD types crazy.

Like coming into work at a library and having to start checking shelves at the 200s— every day. Would never ever get to the 800s.


You could always copy the URL of the last tile you check, then paste that into your address bar when you want to go back again. Works for me! :wink:


I know one thing I’d like to see introduced…
It would be useful (to me at least) to have a number displayed in each tile to indicate how many people have already viewed that tile. If a lot of people have already viewed the area I’m in, I’d know to concentrate my efforts somewhere else less viewed.
It might be too complicated a thing to code in, or it may have the effect of slowing everything down further, but it’s a “nice to have” feature that I’d like to see (even if it’s on a toggle so that it can be turned off if not required).


I’m lazy, I leave the browser window open and just resume when I next sit down at the computer. Session managers for the various browsers also help.
Failing that, copy the link and email it to yourself. (Or bookmark it, if you’re way more organised than me with bookmarks)


If you want to bookmark it, a simple way would be to create a new folder “Tomnod” as you’re saving your bookmark. That way you can keep all of your Tomnod links in one bookmark folder. :grin:


But that implies a level of organisation that I don’t seem to have for bookmarks! :roll_eyes::wink: I always start out with the best of intentions of keeping the bookmarks organised, but it just never seems to work.:stuck_out_tongue:


Ask Cagey… she has a ton of free time. :rofl:


Really? Surprised if I do.


Thanks for the suggestions. I do not want to have folders of bookmarks (have enough bookmarks that I must keep for other online work), nor can I leave an old laptop on all the time (overheating).


Have you ever tried “canned air” to blow those famous dust bunnies from the fans? They do have a tendency to gather for their naps, thus slowing down the fans (noisy) and blocking the air flow.
And regarding bookmarks… what’s one more measly little folder? :thinking::wink::grinning:


That’s the way I tend to work Jim and then store a copy of the current url in there also when I shut down at night. That url is the one I’ll start with next day, so once up and running I’ll delete it ready for the next one :wink: