Texas Big Flooding



Claus, I would suspect that those folks in Denver, Co. are looking into having a campaign. If you remember last year (4/16), we had a ‘Houston Floods’ campaign in which we identified areas of flooding in and around Houston when it flooded from another storm back then. (The name of that storm escapes me, right now). That campaign is still loaded, you go back and look at it. - ake


You know, they better give us HUGE tags. If they want vehicles, they better include “Submerged” because many roofs are covered up. Road blocked? - what roads are NOT would be easier.

Harvey dipped its body back into the Gulf and is starting to whir again with rain bands. Already had 3 landfalls-- will there be 4 ?




‘GET OUT NOW’: Levee at Columbia Lakes breached in BRAZORIA COUNTY, Texas

But all roads out are flooded, they say.

Levee breach, rising rivers leave Brazoria and Fort Bend counties on edge

Credit line: Photo: Michael Ciaglo, Houston Chronicle