Thank you for note from Michelle and a Seals postcard


Got my card / note. Thank you!!

I must say, though, I think the seal was snickering at me since there were 401,977 tiles :open_mouth: and I’ve done a little less than 5,000. Plus, those blubbers are sneaky, constantly plopping down through one hole and up another so I can never spot them. I do lots of guessing-- hope Dr Larue won’t mind but they aren’t the easiest critters to see.

My seal (pic) did ask if I’ve seen Dr LaRue anywhere, cos they still be waiting for her. Do hope she gets there. One word:: BEG! :wink:


Yay! I’m glad it made it to you!!


Mine arrived today! :grin: Thank you @Mel_Nod, @Michelle4, and every Weddell seal that I did manage to spot! :eyes:


Wow, really @Helen? HAPPY it got there but also surprised. Didn’t take as long as I thought. Should send mail over the ocean more often!


I was very pleasantly surprised! :grin: I really wasn’t expecting anything for at least another week… especially knowing how slow our UK postal service can be at times…


Our cards were fin-carried by Weddells to Porpoises to the pinchers of crabs, all taking great care to hold the mail just by the edges. They all handed it off to Orcas who came alongside ships to transfer the mail. From there, carrier pigeons beaked the letters and set off in all directions to bring them to a town near each of us. My mail goes through a sorting center 2 hours west, even if they come in from the east-- or even from right down the street at our PO.

Oh, I almost forgot, North American brown bears kept watch for dropped mail and gingerly delivered it to Rangers who personally drove the letters to a USPS sorting center in their area.

Whew! DG sure is networked, huh?


Years ago, here in the U.S., we used to mail a First Class letter out and the recipient received it the next day - even if he/she was across the country. Now, with all the cuts they’ve made to try to sabotage the Post Office, It can take up to three days for a letter to go 15 miles - if they receive it at all! :anguished: I used to send a lot of mail overseas - to Central/South America, Western Africa, Middle East, Europe, Asia, etc. - and I think the longest it ever took to reach it’s destination was 3 weeks. Of course this was carried across the pond by ship, not air mail! Still, every piece I posted arrived where it was supposed to. :wink:


A person I knew went to Easter Island (middle of nowhere - way off coast of Chile) and found a post box to send her postcards. It was a bit out of the way, but there was no sign saying it was out of service. She pushed the postcards in and they wouldn’t budge. So she pushed a bit more and the bottom of the postal box came open and all these postcards from YEARS AGO fell out into a pile on the ground!


See? They were cutting costs, closed that Post Office, but forgot to let people know! I bet there would have been some very interesting reads. :wink:


The very nice card and letter showed up in my mail box yesterday! We don’t empty the box every day, as it is located a bit away, so it might have come already on Sunday. (Yes, we have mail delivery on Sundays too, as it is an ordinary weekday here.) Thank you very much, @Michelle4 and @Mel_Nod.


Received the card in the mail this weekend. Thank you for doing that.


Thank you @Mel_Nod and @Michelle4 for the very nice notes and postcard. Postmarked January 23rd at Denver Colorado and delivered on the 26th to New York. I guess those brown bears got the Park Rangers and the USPS hopping. :bear: :grinning:


It’s fun to hear about the cards coming in. Glad they seem to be arriving, all around the world! Let me know if you are supposed to be receiving one and haven’t.


:smile: Thank you @Mel_Nod and @Michelle4, I got my card on Monday 29th and like @Helen, I’m pleasantly surprised at how quickly it came. Love it :heart_eyes:


Received these today, Feb 1st. Thanks @Mel_Nod and @Michelle4 for the great notes of encouragement and the seal postcard. It’s 1785 miles from Denver to New York, and 973 from Denver to my home…but they took 6 days longer to get here! Border crossing? : )


Over 4700 miles from Denver to my home in the south coast of the UK - and delivered in 7 days! I was very impressed with both the US and UK postal services… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::upside_down_face:


Yay @T_Boechler, glad it made it across the border eventually!! Perhaps it only brought a drivers’ license :))


So true…LOL :smiley:


Hmmm… :thinking: We used to have a full Post Office services Monday-Saturday, 7:30 AM - 5:30 PM (closed Sundays). Then the P.O. was forced to pre-fund their retirement by the tune of USD$5 billion - per year! So even when they had a net profit of 3 billion, that Congressional requirement put them in the red for 2 billion. Typical right-wing tactic: if you can’t privatize them, defund them to the point that privatization is the only option left. Now our Post Office is open Monday-Friday 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM - with the window closing at 11:30 AM. People can still get their mail up to 5:00 PM, but for those who work in the city, by the time they get into town it’s too late to pick up their mail. On Saturdays the Post Office is open from 7:30 AM until 10:30 AM, but the window closes at 10:00 AM. So that gives those people who cannot collect their mail during the week a whole 3 hours on Saturdays to do so - providing they don’t oversleep. :frowning_face:
The U.S. Postal Service has been fighting against these kind of tactics for over the past 30+ years! Things like cutting the workforce, putting a halt on the purchase of new vehicles (so the older vehicles end up costing more to repair over time than a newer vehicle would), cutting hours, and actually closing Post Offices around the country. Got to give the business to the private companies! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


confused6 I don’t get it, the franking stamp is dated Jan 22 (Denver sort date 23 Jan) and I got it on 26 Jan…4,521 mil; so 4 days to get to me :astonished: I’ll never complain about our postal system :innocent:
So long as I don’t make any online purchases outside the EU 'cos that’ll take 3 months :sweat_smile: 'cos then it’s :confounded: :roll_eyes: