The badge date resets at UTC time


Well folks, I missed today’s count for my Afficianado Badge. It says 0 visits for today. I am just now logging on at 19:41 Pacific time in the USA. So I am guessing the day resets at UTC. Which is good to know, but now my counter goes to zero. NOOOOO!:tired_face:


Awe no, how frustrating is that :confounded: I feel for you Helen :hugs:


AWWW I’m so sorry to hear this @kateg. :anguished:

Thank you for posting - the badges are so mysterious even to me and it is helpful to know what we are working with. I’m so sorry about your counter.


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Doh! Did it again :unamused:————


My wife and I went down to our house for two days to do some yard work, house work and some rest. :rofl: Guess who forgot to bring the laptop along? Now I have to start all over again… :roll_eyes:


what I have discovered recently is that if you have 7 visits for the “week” it doesn’t mean you visited every day. For some reason I have 2 visits on a given day, when I didn’t do anything different. I have to check the “day” log to see if I visited that day. And yesterday was when it said zero.

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Ahhh I’m sorry @kateg :worried:


Hi all, I just had a conversation with discourse that may help illuminate some of the “days visited” badge questions we’ve had. It turns out that the “days visited” metric that we have been watching under user stats does not refer to consecutive days. It refers to total visited days, whether or not they are consecutive. These badges, like Aficionado, rely on consecutive visits.


Unfortunately, our version of discourse doesn’t have a stat listing total consecutive days, which is why it always seems like a total mystery when people receive these badges - it is a total mystery, basically, unless an individual is keeping track.

Another thing discourse clarified is what a “visit” is. A visit is any day that you are logged into the forum, whether or not you interact or actually do anything in the forum.

So - bottom line - these badges remain a little bit of a surprise/mystery when they are awarded.

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Thank you for the clarification. But I know I still started over when I forgot to bring my son’s laptop down to my house those days my wife and I went home. :wink: :laughing: