The Ut Oh-Oh No Moments


Hi Folks,

You’ve likely noticed that the Forum has an issue. Tomnod Staff is aware,
so we just need to hang tight. Hopefully, this message will still go out
via email.

The platform still works. Good time to review some tiles!

When you get back to the Forum, stop into the Cageycat Lounge for some
catnip tea.

Oh the rattled nerves and Tn withdrawals!


Can't help but notice
Nodder Introductions

Please see other thread:
( Note to Tomnod Staff )

For a serenade!


HI @cageycat and @Mel_Nod. Can get into forum through prior TN forum emails. Cannot access from link on main TN page - just get a blank screen. Possible improvement as before I got the Discourse error page.
Facebook and Twitter links work. So desperate I sent messages to TN via Facebook messenger and Twitter.



Try putting this in your browser without the parentheses:
( )


( )

Then, hover on the “page” symbol right before the word discourse, or before the http or https and drag the URL into your bookmarks.

NOTE: If you go to the cloud :cloud: bubble in the image platform to access the Forum, there is a URL error. It loads as ( ) <---- it has TWO backslashes. Just remove one with backspace and hit enter. I’m sure @Jon_Saints @Mel_Nod will soon spot :eyeglasses: the 2 backslashes .// and remove one of them. :slight_smile:

Keeping us Nodders and cats on our toes… ballerinas!

Note to Tomnod Staff
Note to Tomnod Staff

I haven’t seen that double backslash boo-boo in years - like 22 years! :smile:


They were working on some code today when the Forum went down. I suspect that when they were trying to hurry and get our beloved Forum back up and running so nobody would have a major Tn withdrawal crisis, that extra slash / just slipped into the link. ut oh!!

I bet the extra slash is gone, oh, before 5 p.m. Friday. LOL


confused6 Where am I…who am I…what’s my name confused2
Haven’t a clue why the heck I can only get here via email today when I couldn’t yesterday…well, I could but I couldn’t actually log on…that just brought me back to the “Discourse doesn’t exist” screen :confounded:

@Mel_Nod Like Wilms I got in today via email and could actually log in but half the nodders avatar images are missing…including mine…so I’ve re-loaded it :roll_eyes: