Things I hate when


I hate when I have many tabs open and my computer dings or makes some sound. I go to each tabbed window, but don’t see anything new.

It’s like commercials that let a phone ring— arrrrgh!! Have to turn off the sound to know if it is my phone.


Happened to me a lot. It was nearly two weeks before I realized that one of the USB sockets on the hub was loose and the thumb drive would break and remake connection. Windows would ding when the connection broke and ding again when remade. It was aggravating to say the least, until I found the cause - thanks to my wife who bumped the hub and my laptop dinged. :roll_eyes:


When the microwave or the washing machine come to the end of their cycle, they both have the same beep sound, I inevitably go to the wrong one :roll_eyes:

And if they both go off together and I’m busy you’ll likely find me between the two rooms shout alright, alright, stop nagging me angry8 I answered to door to the postman the other day and he said you sound like you’re having a bad day, I just told him the washing machine and microwave won’t stop nagging…who needs a nagging hubby with them two in the house :sweat_smile:


Same thing happens here… and my wife and I both “talk” to the appliances saying the same thing you do. :laughing: There are times when my wife doesn’t hear the beeping and it aggravates me when it’s going on and on and I’m right in the middle of doing something I can’t put down. I have to yell to her to “shut off that inferno beeper!” :rofl:


I hate when Windows closes without saving every open file.


I hate Windows. I really can’t understand why there hasn’t been more of a push back against it, especially when there are better operating systems available.


I think that laptop of mine that Windows turned into a paperweight is going to be loaded with Linux. That will give me more control over everything… and it won’t be updating and restarting when I walk away to use the bathroom. :rofl: That has always been my biggest gripe: Go to the bathroom and come back to find Windows had restarted the machine to finalize their latest update… and everything I was working on was shut down - some things not being saved first. One text editor I use, Notepad++, does keep everything in memory, so that will restart where I left off without losing anything. But it is so frustrating.


I asked Microsoft about how to prevent this; here’s their reply

Please press the Windows key and R at the same time, a runbox will appear, please type in services.msc and hit enter.

Doing this will pull up the Services Windows. On the right panel, please scroll it down and look for Windows Updates, right click it and select Properties

On the Startup type, please change it from Automatic to Manual then select Apply and Ok

That’s all the steps for stopping the automatic Windows Updates and having control when you wanted to update your operating system

I’ve not been aware of any Microsoft-initiated restarts since I did this. It hasn’t stopped the restarts that happen when Windows just falls over :frowning_face:


Thanks, I’m going to switch to manual control ASAP! One question though, do you still get those annoying pop-ups saying that the system has to be restarted in order for the updates to become complete or are they gone with the switch?


Good question! I switched within the last month or so and have not seen any yet; that may just mean that there hasn’t been one of those updates recently. Time will tell.


Don’t you just hate it when you’re trying to listen to footsteps in the dark woods to try to make out what kind of animal is approaching… and you’re stomach decides at that moment to start growling… loud and constant! :angry:


It was a bear, projecting it’s growling voice!


And those footsteps I heard rustling the leaves? An opossum. :neutral_face:


Did it have babies?

You know what I hate? Hiring someone to do work, but having to do work BEFORE the person does work! Work = anything I need to be awake to do so the person can then work. LOL


Thanks for the tip Thistle, I’ve passed it on to hubby and son…hopefully it might stop the air from turning so blue in this house as well :wink: :laughing: