Thursday, Sept 24 2015 *Active Campaigns*


NOTE: Tomnod continually changes campaigns. They often will temporarily take down a campaign to work on data – or they often add new imagery into an existing campaign. Every campaign has a different # of images, in a section, and in total. For example, in one campaign we worked on 500,000, then later, they added an additional 500,000.

Campaigns do change frequently.

The only time a campaign “ends” is when Tomnod believes they have enough data to achieve the mission or goal.

Usually the one that loads when you first sign on is the time-critical campaign or what they need finished first. However, you are permitted to switch in and out of any open campaign.

From my understanding, Tomnod sometimes assigns us to different campaigns. So you may not see all campaigns in the list below.

Here are the campaigns still open today.

California: Butte Fire

The Butte Fire started on 9 September 2015, and is burning near Jackson, California. The fire has grown to over 70,000 acres and over 500 structures have reportedly been destroyed.

Indonesia: Illegal burning
The number of fires burning across Indonesia the past couple weeks spiked past historic highs, causing a thick haze of toxic smoke to envelop major cities within Indonesia and those of neighboring countries. Help Global Forest Watch map fires across Indonesia by searching satellite imagery and tagging every fire and burn scar you find.
0% Complete
6 days active

Indonesia: Verify buildings
Indonesia has a booming economy and bustling infrastructural development. It is important to maintain accurate maps of business locations. In this campaign, the aim is to verify the locations of manmade structures.
6% Complete
7 days active

Global: Change detection
Keeping tabs on our changing world is a huge task - one that could be made easier with the use of computer algorithms. Our change detection algorithm is one such algorithm that is designed to detect infrastructure changes in imagery. In this campaign, we want your help in verifying its results!
0% Complete
7 days active

California: Valley Fire
So far the Valley Fire, burning near Middleton, California has burned over 1750 structures and mandatory evacuations are in effect for thousands of people. Help map damaged buildings and impassable roads using high-resolution DigitalGlobe satellite imagery.
24% Complete
13 days active