TIP: Do you know about Forum Badges?


After @EmeraldEyes got that cool badge for loving everyone :heart_eyes_cat: I wondered how many people know about the badges and how they are earned?


You can get to those as well by clicking on the 3 lines in the top right corner. Then go down to badges, and click.

There are 4 “categories” of badges. Look through the list and see what each requires.

Of course, you’ll need to come visit the Forum to earn them. We’d love to hear from you! Ask a serious question, set us straight about some facts— or join in the silliness. (Have you seen the tongue in cheek new ‘campaigns’? Only available on the Forum!)

Let us know if you need help getting your badges. I’m sure @EmeraldEyes can give us all some pointers. :smiley:


Especially with the hearts (likes). :heart_eyes:


I saw this post in my email and I’ve now got a scene about badges stuck in my head from Mrs Brown’s Boys (an Irish comedy series)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJVVvBGbJd8 Sorry for the quality clip, it’s the only one I could find :wink:

@Jim7, Sorry but you may struggle with the accents on this clip too :smile::wink:

Eeerm…and apologies for any bad language which may be in there :blush: you have been warned :sweat_smile:

It’s funny, I could never understand why I’d need to email posts into the forum until a couple weeks ago when a lot of us couldn’t get into it at all…that’s when I found a really good use for it :smiley:
…and I even got a badge for it :grin:

I use my email all the time . . . . but never get a badge from Sky…hmph Hmph


Say Em, this yank here is about to be blasted by a hurricane, a rather nasty one, they claim. Looked everywhere for guidance on how to post to forum via email and unfortunately could not locate one. With the power grid stability here questionable and the cell towers more than likely will be operational, I would like to be able to communicate with the forum in the event that commercial power is lost. Of course, I’m assuming that cell phones will be up, as well and at least will afford me a way to keep in touch. Any help be greatly appreciated. Thanks. - Bob :panda_face:


Bob, I’m not sure how to send a message other than to reply to one sent to your email, but here’s a “Reply To” link from a message I got from CageyCat from the weather reporting topic in the forum. At least it will get your message through, albiet it will be a response to a post from July 26th. Just copy and paste the link to your “Send To:” field. And hey! You’ll get a badge for replying to a post by email - lucky you!
P.S.: Stay safe!

[Tomnod Forum] [Water Cooler] 2017 June to Dec - Nodder Weather reporting - too hot? too cold? light breezes? heavy winds? July 26, 2017 2:44 PM

Reply To: “Tomnod Forum” tomnod+573bcd848ea546885eef1caf5d0eda02@discoursemail.com


Reply To — bottom of every email.

Ever wonder what makes a box around text and with a slide bar on the box? An indent before a paragraph. Please be sure there are no spaces on the first line of a new paragraph. OR edit your own post to remove the spaces… :smile:


At the bottom of each message is a link to “respond to.” It goes on to say, “… or reply to this email to respond.” The link I posted for Bob was the “reply to” link which appears at the top in the header: “From:”, “To:” and “Reply To:”. When I copied everything, I didn’t realize there was a blank space ahead of it. (Rushing). :wink:


Oh heck Bob, you keep yourself safe there.

Jim and Cagey have more or less answered this for you, you can just reply to any of the tomnod post updates you receive in the same way you would to any other email and it’s automatically posted into particular forum post you use. But I don’t think you can create a New post in the forum via email or read/participate in any other new posts or any posts you’ve already read but haven’t posted any responses to. If anyone else knows anything different, any corrections you’d like to make would be gratefully appreciated :wink:

Email TIP:
There are 2 types of email updates we receive:
One is an individual email of any reply/response a member has made directly to yourself in a post such as this one you’ve linked me to (Naturally, in any posts you yourself have created, you will receive emails of all responses made in that post.) :-

These you can reply to like any other email and it will automatically go into that post in the same manner as if you had replied directly into that post on the forum.

The other type of email we receive is the “Tomnod Forum Summary”…

…which as it says on the bottom of that email "This summary is sent from Tomnod Forum when we haven’t seen you in a while. To unsubscribe click here"
So naturally this one doesn’t come in very often and there doesn’t appear to any way of replying to any of those individual posts listed.

Because I clear out my emails pretty much on a daily basis, I don’t have any other examples of emails I might have received through the TN forum other than private emails from individual members here. That is something else you can do…I think…I’ll just go test it out first :wink: (@Jim7, @cageycat heads up :smiley: )

What I’ve done is taken the email address from AKE235’s emailed update of his reply to me above. So that’s another for you Bob to contact members who could post on your behalf.

I suppose another way to keep you updated would be to link you in to all new posts. All us old regulars could do that easily enough :wink: Unless anyone else knows of a more efficient way of doing this :slight_smile: I just can’t think of any other way you can read ALL posts through email regardless of whether you’re linked into any of them :confused:

Another way I’ve thought of so you can post anything unrelated to specific topics posts is set up a new post for you under the Water Cooler or Technical Issues categories.


This is the first time I replied by email and I got a badge, ha ha! :rofl:


Ok, that didn’t actually work :confused:
If I’d actually used an existing forum email that would have definitely worked.


Yaaaay Congrats Jim :rofl:


@AKE235 I suppose this is the way to do it when you can’t get on the forum to check out posts. At the bottom of every post there’s the email “Invite” option which members could use as a way to ensure offline members are kept updated a bit.


And now I’ve just invited Helen, just to try it out…who knows, I may even get a badge for using it :laughing:


That’s enough with the badges now! :mage: Who knows? At the rate we’re going today, we just might get our 50 likes in for today. But to do this for another 19 days? I don’t know about that.


Oops just noticed I missed out an “s” :blush:


Ooh! Ooh! One more like! :heart_eyes:
Too bad they don’t have a daily counter to track our likes. Guess we’ll have to get a pencil and paper and keep a running tally. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I got the invite to the topic, but no link to reply by email. :confounded: It just tells me to “Visit Topic to respond”.
Strange that other emails say “Visit Topic or reply to this email to respond.” at the bottom of them… :thinking:
Drat, I was hoping to get the “First Reply By Email” badge to add to the collection… :wink:


@Jim7 And I’ve just added another few :two_hearts::two_hearts: to add to the collection! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It should say “Visit Topic” (button) or reply by email to respond." You would have to use your “reply” button in your email program to reply that way. Clicking on “Visit Topic” only takes you to that particular post in the forum to “visit.”


Most of the emails from Tomnod say this at the bottom…

But for some strange reason the invite that Em sent through only says this…

Confusing, huh? :confused::confounded:
I’ll try replying via email, just to see what happens! :wink: