TIP: Do you know about Forum Badges?


I"m wondering if she sent you a private message. That may explain the difference in the reply methods given.


I’ve also just noticed that there is no “Reply To” email address on that one particular email, whereas the others all have a specific address to reply to…

It has this:

as opposed to this (which I get something similar for most Tomnod emails)

(Edit: Never got as far as trying the “Reply via email” as I don’t think it would get to the right part of the forum…)


No Jim, I didn’t use the private email in the forum. I used this image which is at the bottom of every post along with Reply, Bookmark, Share, Flag, etc.


Perhaps the email server needs some of my :pill::pill:? Or perhaps it’s been taking some of them without me knowing? :upside_down_face::no_mouth::eyes:


Say Em, I finally got the badge. Thanks for all your help. - Bob


Congrats Bob…erm…which badge was that one :confused: there seems to a lot of the going around lately


First Reply by email badge.


Well done Bob! (I’m still going to have to try to get that one…)

Stay safe!


Just got the badge! :rofl::rofl:


Well done, Helen on getting the badge. :grinning:


Yay well done Helen :smile:


Feel like we’re at Thanksgiving dinner— with 3 tables on different floors of the house-- teens upstairs, big shots first floor, kids and pets in the basement family room. Standing back listening, I’m like…
uh huh
That’s nice dear.
Only one?
Eat up!
Finish your veggies!
Oh my…
(does everyone have one?)
Where’s the wine?!

(Cat sits on bottom step in the foyer… thinking… Maybe I need to go feel the hurricane blow? )



Well, Where’s the Beef?


No beef, AKE, during Thanksgiving!

turkey? gobble gobble

So… You and Pan been blowing back the windstorm there?

For sound–

For kewl pictures


Waaay, I did it…I got another badge for First Share :smiley:

Right, that’s enough celebrating, back to the painting painting


LOL, and I just got another one for “Out of Love” - I didn’t realise I’d used up all 50 likes yesterday! :upside_down_face:


LOL, just had a message onscreen from the Forum telling me to wait 14 minutes as I’ve apparently just used up all of my “likes” for today… :two_hearts::heart::hearts:


I think I missed out by only a few. Shouldn’t have fallen asleep with the cat last night!


Hey, that’s not fair! I’ve just had ANOTHER message from the forum telling me…

And I have to wait an HOUR this time!!

How have I managed to run out of “Likes” in around 5 hours? I didn’t think I’d clicked on THAT many hearts?? :two_hearts::rofl:


8 Hearts for me… How many for the others? :thinking: