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No telling, seeing as there’s no actual counter. I’ll blame my inability to count :hearts: on the :pill::pill: at the moment! :grin:


The Tale of the Numbered Hearts

How My Hearts Count You Dear

My Heart’s Tears and Arrears

I’ll Happily Give ALL My Hearts

Heart, Don’t Let me Start!

I’ll give you my Heart if You give me Yours


Helen, as of 7:44 PM ET, you have given 9 likes just to me. Looks like you’re on your way to another 50 likes in 24 hours at this rate! (Hint: “Like” this and you’re up to 10 for me.) :grinning:


Just trying to catch up on reading some of the other topics that I missed from about a week or so ago… :open_book::books:

:innocent: OK, I admit it, I’m also trying to catch the forum :hearts: counter out…! Think @EmeraldEyes started that one :innocent:


You’re up to 11 for me today! :smile:


Aw, oh well, you’ve only got about another 6hrs to wait…just enough time to get in a little healing sleep :wink:


And for others to make lots of posts for Helen to “like!” :wink:


I see @Beverly1 and @Kateg have been doing a bit of catching up too :sweat_smile:


I think you needed to wait a full 24 hours before your full quota is reset :thinking:
You receive a few of those warnings to wait an hour and then they you have to wait 12/24 hrs, something like that :confused:


I think I got about 13 from @Helen over a 24hr period :thinking:


LOL, well I did say I had some catching up to do… think I missed about a week or so in total, it may have been more than that though. I do tend to lose track of time/days etc when I’m not at work! :innocent:


Okay people! All of you seem to be liking my posts/photos faster than I can find, save and post them! Come on now! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Darn it, I must have been up to my elbows in paint when you posted this one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Earned my “Out of Love Badge”! :grin:


Yaaay well done, everyone seems to have got the bug now :smile:


LOL, I’m running out of “current” forum posts, having to go further back in time now…! :wink::heart:


Jim really threw me when he started doing that (think it was when he first joined); it was odd how his likes would confuse me as I thought but, but, but, that campaign was…eons ago confused2


I’m trying to limit it to the more recent posts that I missed in the last couple of weeks or so… :confused: I wouldn’t want to confuse anyone! :innocent:


I did that once without noticing the dates (posts from many, many months ago). Cagey made mention about my going back in time (I didn’t even know I was time traveling), but also said it was nice to remember things that had been said way back. :wink:
Ooops! That was Em that gave me a talking to! :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry Cagey! :slight_smile:


Hey everyone! I just found a topic created by @cageycat dated 16 Aug, 2016 called “Is there a name for” and it looks good for a few hearts! :rofl: Just kidding @kateg and @Helen! Oh, and Em… and Bob… and…