TIP: Do you know about Forum Badges?


If you need the read-100-posts-in-thread badge, try this thread ( http://forum.tomnod.com/t/april-2017-part-2-antarctica-weddell-seals-poi-wow/4535/120 ) - it has 120. Start at the top… don’t forget to heart every one… well, 50 of them LOL.


Been there, done that, got badge. And a long time ago. :grinning:


:laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing: :blush:


Oh darn it, I’ve already done that one :laughing:


Hey, I’ve discovered how to put a “Regular” title to my name :smiley:

Good lord, you’d think I had nothing better to do today, wouldn’t you :roll_eyes:
It’s one of my faults, when I’ve got a deadline to work to, I tend to push it a little putting myself under even more pressure :flushed: I’m my own worst enemy :sweat_smile: But I do a better job of it that way and in half the time it would normally take :rofl:


I had noticed! :stuck_out_tongue: Do tell us how you did that…


Erm…just hang on a minute…I think it was somewhere in the badges…I’ll just see :wink:


Click on your avatar, then click the cog in the drop down menu

Select Badges

Now if you’ve got the “Regular” badge then click on it
To the right of the description there’s a drop down option box where you select “Regular”, then save


I would have assumed @cageycat and @AKE235 would probably have a forum “Administrator” title they could attach to their name; might be useful for newbies to know :wink:


No Em. Cageys and mine have the title of Leader assigned to it. - Bob


So does that mean we have to follow the leaders? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I just clicked on the badge and went through your instructions. Presto! Now I’m a “Regular!” (without the exclamation mark of course! :wink: So does this mean I am no longer:

  1. Long winded?
  2. Go off topic?
  3. Say crazy things?
  4. See weird things in the photos?
  5. Have the nerve to post same weird things to the forum?
  6. possessing the traits of someone who forgets (okay… maybe now this one).

(Expecting some sort of reply from @cageycat :smiley_cat:


you betcha!! :panda_face:


Drat! :scream: I could have sworn I had that badge a while ago, but I can’t find it in the list now. :confused::frowning:
I must have been away from the forum for longer than I thought… :expressionless:


A short time (hours) ago I went through Em’s instructions and got the “Regular” title added after my name. I just looked again at the badges, but it shows it grayed out. :thinking: It does say one has to have a “Trust Level 3” to be awarded this badge, but I’m sure you got that many months ago. Anyway, this particular badge shows up as the 8th badge in the 2nd column (at least on my profile).


Strange, I’ve just looked back through the huge list of notifications, and it says I earned “Regular” back on 19th Feb this year. Nothing to say that it had dropped off again, and a search :telescope::eyes: of the badges page shows it’s definitely not there. Ah well, that’s computers for you, I guess… :neutral_face:


That is strange. But on a brighter note, I was just informed I’ve reached the maximum number of likes for the day! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! And to get there, I liked 2 posts from Cagey and Bjarne (1 ea) back from Sept, 2016! All recent and fairly recent posts I’ve liked already. So does that mean I shouldn’t like any posts for about a week so I can reach the maximum again? :rofl: Oh, and the message said I have to wait 2 hours before liking a post again.


LOL, I’m still playing catch-up reading back to the middle of August or thereabouts, so I think I’ll be hitting the limit quite regularly for a few days yet! :rofl: I keep getting messages from the server telling me to wait a while…


That’s fine. As Cagey said in different words, it’s good to go back and read about what was discussed some time ago. (Keeps the old bean working and as an added bonus, you can always get a link to something worthwhile that’s off-site.)


Helen, You have a ‘Member’s’ Badge. Now,

There are only two 'Title’s, a user can have after their name, Regular or Leader.
Cagey and myself are only ones with the ‘Leader’ title, everybody else is ‘Regular’.