TIP: Do you know about Forum Badges?


I think Bob (@AKE235) is working on a badge. He had given me 5 hearts, but the first post he liked was from June 11th! Well, at least it was still from this year! :rofl:


:thinking: I wonder if @EmeraldEyes (the Emoji Queen) would consider archiving her collection of emojis to a ZIP file and sharing it with us. :laughing: If not, I supposed we could always spend hundreds of hours searching for those really cool ones she keeps on posting. :neutral_face:


I’m more than happy to share them Jim, though I might need my hubby’s help with that…haven’t had to zip anything up on a pc in over 16yrs so not sure how it works on this one confused6
I suppose now would be a good time for me to go in and have a clear out of the junk in there too before I zip them up :wink:

Just taken a look at the size of my “Smilies” folder and it says 163mb, with 3,514 .img/jpeg/gif files within it; been collecting them for about 7 years now.
(It all started back then when I used to bombard my sister with funny/inspiring emails of encouragement and support when she was going through a particularly hard time in her life :grin:
I still do it, though thankfully life is good now :wink: )


If you bombarded your sister with 3,514 images, photos and animated GIFs, yes, I’d call that “bombarded!” :rofl: Glad to hear it helped. :wink:


If I bombarded my sister with that amount of stuff, she’d probably never speak to me again! :rofl:


It helped Jim, it all helped! And life is good now; we work hard to keep it that way :wink:


Yeh but I do know when to ease up :wink:

She needed it then; could be writing her an email whilst talking to her on the phone knowing full well she was going to be here first thing in the morning to spend the day/weekend/whatever.

Anyway, she’s as bad herself now, she had me email instructions on how to find, save and use her own (I used Photobucket a lot back then). It can be quite the challenge to teach someone how to use a computer…by email :dizzy_face: Still got that one too :smile:


Back in the old days of DOS, I taught a an middle-aged, disabled woman in Buffalo, NY how to set up a new email program (BlueWave) by using a Bulletin Board Service (BBS) run by the Office of Advocate for Persons With Disabilities (part of New York State’s Health Department). I finally ended up writing the install program for her, mailed her a floppy disc with the program and the install file. The next time I heard from her, she was all set up - and happy! :smile: I sort of, kind of miss those old days when you did so much yourself. And with every program came an elaborate Help File that actually helped - with everything! :smile: Not like the so-called “help” files you see now. They aren’t even worth the time to open them. :roll_eyes: It was hard distance teaching, especially when all one had to do was mistype one character and nothing would work! :rofl:


I’m bumping this back up, from August 2017, for any new folks or first-timers to posting in the forum.

Let us know if you need help getting badges, such as getting enough :heart:s



I got the “Gives Back” badge!

A couple of questions:

  • What do have to do to get the “First Link” badge?
    It says: “This badge is granted the first time you add a link to another topic.” I thought that I had done that, but I still don’t have the badge…

  • Badge “New user of the month” - who decides who gets that one?


  • How come that @Mel_Nod doesn’t have the Leader badge?


Discourse made this forum and they set up the badges. Badges are auto driven and auto given. But it has hiccups and flaws.

I’ve been here since May 13, '15 and became a mod shortly after. I still do not have New User of the Month. Go figure.

Some badge descriptions seem confusing too. I posted Discoure’s descriptions before.

I’m still hoping when @Mel_Nod gets some down-time when she isn’t busy with DG tasks (“work”, lol) that we can rework old and write new badges. Sometime…

One thing that bugs me is when DG messes up for whatever reason(s), that it disrupts how many days we did an action, like visited, read, or posted. But overall, badges are kind of like candy canes at Christmas-- they look good and the first one tastes good, but … I don’t much care about it usually. Shrug.


First Link
This badge is granted the first time you add a link to another topic. Linking topics helps fellow readers find interesting related conversations, by showing the connections between topics in both directions. Link freely!

Basically, you have to insert link to another post into your post or reply within a post in order to gain this badge. But from what I can see, you already have done that in the past so I don’t really understand why you haven’t got the badge. Unless, the link has to be inserted in your reply within another member’s post. The links I’ve seen are within your own post…such as this one:- Trying to reach Trust Level 3

And Congratulations on your “Gives Back” badge :grin:


Maybe during the first month for all new member (within that month) Discourse figures out who has read the most topics, replied to the most posts, posted the most, etc… I’d have to go to the Discourse website and reread what they have posted there about forum badges. Maybe it’s in there… maybe not. :thinking:

As for @Mel_Nod, maybe she has to earn some badges herself before Discourse decides whether she’s a Leader or not. :rofl: Darned software! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

EDIT: I just checked the badges I’ve earned thus far. There were several that I thought were “grayed out,” but when I clicked on each one it said it had been granted, giving the month and year. Sooo… it looks like I have all of the badges possible (except for leader). :thinking:


Yes, I’ve found that with a few of the badges, odd really, but I wonder if the grey are the badges you earn multiple times :thinking:


I just looked again and realized that the “Anniversary” badge is also gray - granted twice. Seems to me that gray was a poor choice of color. They could have made them red or something other than gray. Oh well… :neutral_face:


Hi All! Sorry I am of limited help in the badge department at this time, but there’s some things I know!

@Jim7 - the badges are technically supposed to be Gold, Silver, and Bronze So they are not “grey-ed out” they are SILVER! :laughing: I agree that they look yellow, grey and orange. I gather that bronze badges are pretty achievable, silver a little more difficult to get, and gold quite difficult (especially with Tomnod and Discourse crashes and bugs getting in the way :slightly_frowning_face:)

@cageycat and others wondering about New User of the Month: as far as I can tell this badge was invented by Discourse in March 2017. So if you were already well established before that, it’s impossible to get :frowning: It seems to be based on writing, not just reading, and having the posts you create liked.

@Shaul - looks like Trust Level 4 - Leader can only be manually granted by an admin, it’s not something that can be earned. I haven’t promoted myself yet! :smile: