TIP - H. Irma #1 Campaign


When we did Canada, Happy reminded us about taking care to fully address Objects on one tile, before moving on. I’m noticing +1s on a couple houses on a tile, then nothing else tagged. I realize we all see objects differently, plus these tiles have so much debris. So make sure to check the Previous image on a tile that you’ve tagged, and see if there were other houses/buildings to tag before you move on to the next tile. I know DG staff and local officials & researchers will be grateful for our careful work.

TIP 2: The construction on these islands is poor. The entire house need not be down or torn apart for us to mark. Even part of the roof missing is enough.


It’s as well the Oldest is so accurately lined up with Newest map (Q and W) because without it I’d be stumped as to where exactly to place my tags without it :wink:


I seem to remember previous advice being that if the old/new images didn’t quite line up properly (which is entirely possible given the aspect of the satellite when it takes the pictures) then we should tag on the position on the newest imagery.
So far, most of what I’ve seen also lines up pretty well…


When in doubt, it’s easy enough to get an accurate hit by flicking back and forth with you mouse hovered over where a building used to be and then nudge it over to where it should be on the new map. Trouble with the Island I’m currently working on is that a lot of the buildings didn’t exist in the Oldest map :confused: Then it’s best guess as to whether and where to drop the tag.


I’ve noticed a few times on Harvey and on Irma… that the new tiles are often showing the site to be in better shape than the oldest images… was there a storm in 2015 or whenever?


Try this one:

Or this one.

Sigh, I’m wondering which piece of debris was the house? Overwhelming.



Lots of times on this island, I think “road… must be vehicle”. Naa aa. I looked closer… It is “road… BOAT!” Sideways boat. Upside down boat. Boats-pancakes!

Trash, trash, trash… sad, sad, sad…

Where’s a cat to find a sardine :fish: without a :rowing_man: and a :fishing_pole_and_fish: Sniff… smell fishes everywhere but not a one to eat. Water water everywhere, but none to drink.


I did look at both of these just now… that first one is a good example of recent development as improved.
At the lower left there are two houses that were not there in the ‘before’ shot. 6 if you include the tile one down from that one… most show some damage… but I’m having trouble seeing a lot of it. I’ve been using this little net book, I haven’t been able to get much from the images sometimes since they are very small to me… I’ve just discovered that it does have a mini HDMI port on it, so maybe I can get it onto an external monitor, or even my 40" TV… just need to get the parts, which can also be hard out here… also distracted by our current wildfire situation… the town I moved FROM two years ago just got an evacuation alert… as well as others… we have large fires to the west and east of us and lots of small ones all over here… sigh.
but it is cutting down on time available too. Still trying… by the way, I could see your problem with the second example you posted… whew… even with my netbook. Thanks


I had the same problem when I made a start yesterday, didn’t have anything really to compare against!


And then when I’ve been looking a little too long at damaged buildings to this extent I can start to lose my 3d vision, everything looks flat and with tagging so many destroyed buildings I forget about the other categories to tag such as roads/bridges and have to go back over it again :confounded:


Hi Doug, could you maybe order online from say Amazon or Ebay wouldn’t that be easier for you :slightly_smiling_face:


When that happens to me I find I have to walk away from the computer and go do something else for a little while… :upside_down_face:
If I really start to lose my 3D vision, it tends to mean I’ve got a headache (usually a migraine) brewing if I don’t do something about it! :scream:


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Thanks for the support Em… I thought I had it together yesterday… bought some things, but one was miss labeled… and turned out to be the wrong one… Store went looking and was able to get one shipped in for me that should work… just have to wait. In this area the Big Name stores are just that… but often have limited inventory… they stock what normally sells well… the warehouse is a day or two away in the big smoke… usually Vancouver or Calgary (closest)… so today or tomorrow, allowing for any surprises… Meanwhile I’ll just cut back, tag where I can resolve it… and get caught up… first batch I was sent to was on Tortola BVI, but I’m currently have been to at least 3 different ‘image strips’ (distinct and separate groups of image tiles).


That was a stroke of luck Doug, hope you don’t have to wait long. I’m currently tagging on Tortola, down in Wickhams bay with all those upturned cats :rofl: (sorry @cagey I meant catamarans :rofl: )


Hi again: They got it in early and called… I’m typing this while watching my 40 inch TV… Only getting to use 30 inches of it but anything is better than 10 inches or so… most of which was covered in TN stuff. Want to get my remote keyboard out again… but might need to get a wireless mouse. This was my ‘travelling device’ and I prefer wired USB mice since I don’t forget them…(remember mittens on strings).



:laughing: I do, I do :laughing:

Oh now you’re making me jealous, my computer monitor is only 16 inch, heck my TV is 23 inch I’d be content with that. Think I’m gonna have my hubby add wiring up the computer to tv on his “To Do List” :sweat_smile: He’s gonna love me, I’ve already got him making a new desk for my son’s newly decorated bedroom :rofl:


Be careful… unless you are kidding… in my case I had bought a 40 incher that was on sale a while back… then added a Blue Ray DVD… I was aware that it was new enough to have monitor inputs of several ‘modern’ types… including HDMI. We now know I should wear my bifocals when shopping… and that some sales people need to double check things when I’m talking Micro HDMI and not hear Mini… both of us making the same goof. Now have it running at the full 40 inches not just 30 but I may put it back… 40 is showing pixels and is distracting… I did a couple of cloudy tiles from the first Irma offering… just to see what was what with this system…

Anyway my point is that I knew what I needed, and was able to get it… you need to start at both ends… what inputs does your TV have, new or old school… what outputs does your computer have… If you have a laptop it might have HDMI, or an older VGA connector. the TV HDMI, DVI or VGA… or even composite inputs like used to be the hot way to do VCRs… red white and yellow.

Some older TVs simply won’t do it well enough… however only you know what you have, so a better request for hubby might be to check out the possibility… I’m upgradeing a bit, so I don’t mind moving forward… but still like VGA for most things… the netbook only has micro HDMI out put for external monitor… but that is the new common standard HDMI that is… three sizes of connectors though… Good luck…


Thanks for the advice Doug :grinning: I am seriously planning on having the pc hooked up to the tv. My hubby works in IT, and will know what is needed. He’s the techie go to guy of the household (although our 16 year old son is starting to pass him out already :sweat_smile: ) In fact they both know what’s needed because I’ve asked before, but just not gotten round to doing it :smile: We have a laptop, a few ipads, xbox and they all have their smart phones (bar me) along with my faithful pc:grin: I just can’t get along with these small screens and touch screen technology, I much prefer my keyboard and mouse :blush: In fact my daughter is reluctant to let me near her ipad for fear it will suddenly take wings and fly…right through the window :rofl:

My daughter was even trying to pursued me last night…again…to upgrade my mobile phone to a modern smart phone :roll_eyes: I’m always telling them they’d be an expensive waste of money for the use I would get out of one :smile: I need a screen that I can see and a keyboard. So daughter brings one up on her phone which was a Blueberry with keyboard and bigger screen than is on my phone, good as new only £35, and just for a split second there she thought she’d sold me :laughing: So now I’m going to have to pray really, really pray hard that they don’t get me one for Christmas, because then I’d have to use the darn thing so I don’t disappoint them :worried: :pray:


I heard Apple’s new phone costs $1,000.00 gulp! That amount could keep me in food and catnip for a year!