Tomnod Feedback - Explain the "doings"


This does not fit your request in the other Feedback thread.

When I was a young Nodder and Mod, I practically begged for DG to teach us / show us some of the “doings” and “how-tos” of what DG staff does with strips.

We learned, piecemeal, that

  1. Satellites get “tasked” and it can take a day or two to get it turned in a new direction if it was already tasked somewhere else;
  2. To get nifty special images, task a satellite to look over its shoulder as it leaves an area, but tell it look “through” Earth to coords of stars on the other side of earth (ingenious! still thrills me!!)
  3. There are international boundaries; and national / international laws about “how low can we go!” and what we, the Q-public, can see;
  4. Satellites are like a home scanner, but with a bigger and better scanner bed and tons of paperless data images; I always wonder if the sat makes scanner sounds?
  5. Data is sent back in long data strips that need “laid” side by side and “stitched” together - no one has told us what it is like to “stitch” DATA together? What does it mean to “stitch”?
  6. How do you “lay” data ( images) on an imaginary sphere/globe and “bend” them to go around the curvature? Is this when data becomes “topographical images”?
  7. Are there programs that help stitch? like “Geo-Eyed Walter Scott Sewing Machine” lol I never learned how to use Photoshop either. Paint By Numbers?
    … etc. etc.

Can’t Tn share some (some) nifty “How it Works” explanations, without telling any secrets? I know people, like me, get curious.

Plus, maybe we’d all understand better when we ask, “Why can’t Tn do this and that?”


Silly Cagey, they don’t “stitch” them…they glue them :wink: lots’n’lots of glue :laughing: