Tomnod Feedback - One Change Wish List


Haha yes @cageycat, actually, they loved it!!! It is SO valuable to have super-user input like yours and the others here. I use Tomnod quite a bit but still had not considered many of the things that were mentioned. For example, how great it would be to have the profiles page working again. I forget that you folks don’t have back-end access like I do, where you can see what you’ve done. That would be so satisfying.

All the suggestions were spot-on, and have been added to our list (which is now in more official form than ever before)


Ut oh, gang, all our idea-suggestions been made to an official “The Big Long Nodder Suggestion List” from the Big, Plain, and Tall work-a-book series. lolol

Okay, whoever “they” is, let us know what other official suggestions you need.

Need an emoj for Snickering Cat.

Reminds me— where is the black cat emoji file? growl, I’m so over being orange or brown


@EmeraldEyes… Hint! Hint! @cageycat needs a couple of emojis. Have either or both of these in your super collection? :laughing:


Well, I’ve had a look and couldn’t find any; I’ve looked around on the internet and no joy there either :frowning_face:
What I did find were “pretty naff” as the children would say. I’m afraid this was the best I could do
giggle1 LaughingCat giggle2:roll_eyes:

(And I still need to figure out how I upload my collection as promised many moons ago giggle3 )


I wonder if Tomnod (Discourse) would allow this: zip the collection and attach it to a message - or private message. Nah… they probably would strip the attachment… The other other way I can see Cagey (and others) getting it would be to email it directly to them. (hint… hint) :rofl:


Better get zipping then :wink:


These are a particularly annoying issue for me on the Antarctica campaign. With just about every poly I look at I have to enlarge it to +1. So I’m constantly having to pull it out from under the voting box on the left; so then it goes under under the zoom buttons on the right and of course there’s the map details box in the bottom right corner :roll_eyes:
And of course, if I set my browser to say 125% then those darn boxes grow with it and I’ve even less screen to see through :confounded:
I’d sooo love to just have an unobstructed view that doesn’t slow me down sigh2


Here is a suggestion for an interface redesign that would maximize viewing / work space.


Ooh now that’s looking better already :smiley:
I like the idea of the scale bar moved to the top of the screen, just feels more natural for me. I suppose that’s because everything is at the top of the screen i.e. tabs and toolbar buttons.

Personally, I would prefer the zoom buttons on the left…just so I’m not constantly tracking back’n’forth across the screen for buttons.

I know some people are more adept at using their mouse wheel for zooming, but even after slowing mine right down, I still manage to zoom in/out too far and it plays havoc with my eyes :dizzy_face: (Slowed my mouse down for the same reason; so that matches the natural movement of my hand . . . frustrates the heck out of my hubby and son if they want to quickly borrow the computer to look something up when I’m logged on :rofl: )


And because I’ve been thinking about this now on here; when I just went back to the Antarctica campaign I automatically went to the top left on the screen for the zoom button :smiley: My brain has already adapted to the move to the top left in anticipation :confused::rofl:


Vote for this format. logical and gives more viewing sightline/context. Plus the greater magnification everybody has been pining for, and we would be good to go. Sigh, whimper, whine.