Tomnod is Retiring

Hello Tomnod Volunteers,
I’m bringing you sad and likely not completely unexpected news. Maxar has elected to retire the Tomnod platform.

Thank you for your six years of service. Together we mapped floods, assessed earthquake damage, evaluated seal habitat in Antarctica, worked to increase food security in South Sudan, identified sites of modern slavery in the Punjab region, searched for the wreckage of MH370, and much more. This group likely remembers many more campaigns than this.

The Crabeater Seals campaign is the last that will be published to Tomnod. By the end of the month, we will have a message up on the homepage announcing the retirement, for all of the nodders that do not visit the forum. June will be the last month that the forum will be up.

There are new programs in development at Maxar that, while they could never be Tomnod, will provide the opportunity for volunteers to engage with our imagery and contribute to humanitarian and open data campaigns. As those programs are rolled out, they will be announced on the Maxar and facebook pages.

Thanks again for your years of work and dedication. So much science, relief work, and humanitarian efforts could not have been achieved without YOU, the CROWD in crowdsourcing.


:pleading_face: :cry: :cry: :cry:


Sad news indeed, but thank you for letting us know, Melissa. I’m sure everyone will miss working on campaigns here. :pensive:


Very sad news. It will leave a considerable gap. I wonder if anyone else will be able to fill it?
I hope they manage to keep the forum: I’d miss you guys.


Ian, why don’t you send me a private message. Some of us have a little something cooked up you may be interested in.


Guess this was the second shoe scenario… expected and now dropped.

We will move on to something else in time… but what immediately came to mind was, what is in the cards for @Mel_Nod 's future… cleaning up the ‘mess’ for sure… but then… reassignment or moving on to something different completely…

I’m also considering a ‘last request’ sort of thing… but have to frame that carefully… and perhaps again in PM mode since it doesn’t need a public answer here… but time will tell… for me at least.


:sob::sob: but not entirely unexpected.


You’all, you can save ALL of your own posts. I’m too sick to give directions… ask @Jim7 to help you.


If anyone wishes to save all the posts you’ve made since you’ve joined, Discourse will create an archive in .gz format. It will also give you a link to Github to download a file decompression tool if you don’t presently have one that will decompress “gz” archives.

Here’s how to do it. (The file isn’t really that big because it does not include photos or any images. Bummer!)

  1. Click on your avatar at the top right;
  2. Click on the cog (gear);
  3. Click on “Activity”;
  4. At the bottom of the list on the left side, click on “Download All”.

Discourse will compress every one of your posts, then present a pop-up telling you that it will notify you when a link to the file is available. (It is almost instantaneous.) The link is good for 48 hours.

  1. Click on the notification and it will show you the link and other details;
  2. Right-click the file link (for PCs); and
  3. Click “Save As” and save it to whatever folder you want on your PC.

Note: I don’t know how this works with MACs or smart phones, but the steps should be similar.
You can do this each day - whether you continue posting a little or a lot - right up to just before the site is taken own.


Or, you can download every day when it gets closer to june 30th.


I just edited my post, changing “if” to “whether” you post…
I was rushing to get out of here to run up to village to refill the gas cans as Donna is mowing our daughter’s lawn. Wouldn’t want her to run out of gas now, would I? :rofl:
Knowing her, she’ll want me to weed whack so I better bring that with me. :frowning_face:


Great and mighty sadness… I have been waiting for the archaelogical project in the north of India which I thought I had agreed to join… Is this to be transferred elsewhere or can we not assist with this? This is truly sad.


Hi Rosemary,

We are not privy as to what campaigns/programs Maxar will be. Apparently they are going to ask for volunteers to work on some of these. However, as Mel_Nod said, "they could never be Tomnod, I take this as something different in that volunteers will be working alone - without a forum to ask questions, get answers, etc… As for myself, I do not use social media and I guess I’ll have to check Maxar’s homepage a few times a month to see what is going on.

If you would like to keep in touch with some of the regulars here on the forum, send me a Private Message and I can fill you in about what some of us have planned. :wink:


This is a Google Translate to Spanish of Mel_Nod’s post.

Hola voluntarios de Tomnod,
Te traigo noticias tristes y probablemente no completamente inesperadas. Maxar ha optado por retirar la plataforma Tomnod.

Gracias por sus seis años de servicio. Juntos, mapeamos las inundaciones, evaluamos los daños causados ​​por terremotos, evaluamos el hábitat de las focas en la Antártida, trabajamos para aumentar la seguridad alimentaria en Sudán del Sur, identificamos los sitios de esclavitud moderna en la región de Punjab, buscamos los restos del MH370 y mucho más. Este grupo probablemente recuerda muchas más campañas que esta.

La campaña de Crabeater Seals es la última que se publicará a Tomnod. Al final del mes, tendremos un mensaje en la página de inicio anunciando la jubilación, para todos los asistentes que no visiten el foro. Junio ​​será el último mes que el foro estará listo.

Hay nuevos programas en desarrollo en Maxar que, si bien nunca podrían ser Tomnod, brindarán la oportunidad para que los voluntarios se involucren con nuestras imágenes y contribuyan a campañas humanitarias y de datos abiertos. A medida que esos programas se implementen, se anunciarán en las páginas de Maxar y Facebook.

Gracias de nuevo por sus años de trabajo y dedicación. Tanta ciencia, trabajo de socorro y esfuerzos humanitarios no se podrían haber logrado sin USTED, el CROWD en el crowdsourcing.


Sadly not unexpected… but we wished for a different outcome.


Is it possible you signed up under Open Source? We have never had any notice for the campaign you described.


I believe that is through GlobalXplorer. Their first campaign was in Peru. I worked on that and will be working on their next one which is supposed to be coming up soon.


Oh yeah, I forgot about her. But GlobalXplorer is not Tomnod. For GlobalXplorer, watch your email for announcements.


Not sure, I’ll check. It mentioned the Project we had done in Peru and the great results, and mentioned the next one was to be in Northern India for similar reasons.

I agreed to participate and did not hear anything further.

I’ll check…


Rosemary, here’s the email I got from Sara Parcak on Feb 13, 2019:

Hi Xplorers°!

GlobalXplorer° is going to India!

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since GlobalXplorer° (GX°) completed Expedition Peru. While it may seem as though things have gone quiet, behind the scenes, the GlobalXplorer° team has been busy laying the groundwork for its next adventure. And it’s a big one. We’re going to India!

From the Hill Forts of Rajasthan to the Khajuraho Temples to the ruins of the ancient city of Hampi, India is, of course, vast in both space and time. Populated by more than 1 billion people, the country covers 3.287 million square kilometers and encompasses 29 states — each with its own rich heritage and languages. Meanwhile, its 5,000-year span of history takes in an incredible array of cultures, including its Buddhist, Hindu and Jain traditions, the Indus Valley Civilization, the Gupta Empire and so many others. All this makes it an exciting place for citizen scientist GlobalXplorers to set up virtual camp and start exploring.
Want to know more? Read our post on Medium !

Keep up with all things GX on…

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Joining us in announcing Expedition India is our main in-country partner, the Tata Trusts – one of India’s oldest philanthropic organizations – and one of our founding partners, National Geographic Society.

We can’t think of a richer or more vibrant country for our citizen scientists to start mapping next!