Tomnod not working on IE11


I have not been able to log in to Tomnod as all I get is a black screen in IE11, for well over a month. I was able today to get in via Chrome, and then changed my password. I then was able to get into Tomnod via Chrome. Logged out and went to my IE11, and once again this still does not work. I have cleared the cache, etc. I also have all recent updates (Windows 10) installed. I have had problems with Chrome in the past, and the fix required over an hour to apply, so I would like to stay with IE11.
Does any one know how to fix this?


I have the same issue, if you don’t want a couple of extra browsers hanging around taking up space, Tomnod does work in the new “Edge” browser that comes with Windows 10.


Update, I found the setting to allow cookies, but block third party cookies, setting this ON has allowed Tomnod to now work in Edge, however still not working on IE11. Not my preferred browser, as it appears you cannot clear history, cookies, etc without signing into a Microsoft account.


I use Edge as my primary browser, I do have my Computers log-in password protected (I use both a desktop and a lap-top). You should be able to hit the “Clear Browsing Data” button in settings and choose what data you want cleared and clear it immediately as well as set it to clear data when you close the browser.