Tomnod Tinder - Test our new prototype


Hello Nodders! This group knows better than anyone how many bugs we run across in Tomnod, and the patches that take time or never get in place. Sometimes here at DG we wish we had a simpler, easier to use, and harder for us to break interface. So, an engineer put together a version of Tomnod Tinder :purple_heart:. If you’d like to try it, we’d welcome your feedback! For example:

What it feels like to use it - do you like it or not?
Pros and Cons as compared to the current Tomnod experience
Any bugs you find

Here’s the link:
The easiest thing you can do is sign in with one of the third-party apps: google, microsoft, yahoo, etc.
Or, you can click on signup and make a new account.

Curious to hear what you think. I have some thoughts of my own, but don’t want to influence the discussion :smile: :wink:


Some comments after a short first check:

  • Make the picture as big as possible;
  • Make it possible to zoom in (and out) in the picture;
  • Make it possible to use the keyboard as much as possible;
  • I have to re-load the picture quite often, as it only shows a black square at first; the problem might be on my side, as I have too many things running on the laptop concurrently (but that is always the case, so the app should, if possible, take that into consideration).


REALLY useful feedback @Shaul! Thank you!!


Some initial feedback:
I agree with @Shaul, the picture needs to be much larger (possibly with some zoom function to accommodate different devices)
Screenshot below shows how much wasted space there is on my 22in monitor (no zoom on the browser)

I also had to reload quite frequently due to all-black or all-white squares, so it’s not just your device Shaul!

Pleeeeeease… replace the facebook style thumbs up/down with a good old-fashioned green tick/red cross :persevere::exploding_head:

What should the response be for half sea and half land? (I had one of these, in the absence of any other guidance I marked as land)

It really needs a counter for us obsessives to track our progress - with the full compliment of digits too! :innocent:

When the question changes, could this be highlighted? (For those of us who sometimes drift into autopilot)

A back button would be very useful for when you realise you’ve just clicked the wrong one!

Again, I agree with Shaul, keyboard shortcuts would be a useful addition.

The ability to add a username so that email addresses aren’t inadvertently revealed when taking a screengrab.

Using Win7 and Chrome on a desktop PC if that makes any difference.

Signup was quick and easy though. :smiley:
And it looks promising… :grin:


Wow, @Helen, THANK YOU!!!

Everything both you and @shaul have said makes perfect sense. Feedback from super users like you is invaluable for those of use who can get too bogged down on the other side of things :blush:

Thanks again, I will pass this along to the engineer. It’s extremely valuable. Anyone else who may want to check it out and add to this, join us!


One more thing to add, not sure if it’s relevant - not clicking on the email verification link straight away doesn’t appear to stop anything from happening. I hadn’t checked the email account for an hour or so, and didn’t realise that a verification email had been sent! (If it’s relevant, a message on screen telling you that you cannot continue until you’ve clicked on the email link would be useful!)


I decided to be a new user, with new email and pw.


Please make the rectangular white area bigger. Enlarge picture… old cat eyes.
OR, need another button called:
At this size, Who Knows what to choose!

If you click / double-click on the words, such as “Is it land”, then on the left in the White, a word flashes “Liked” in green. Nooo, I just wanted to copy the words because that tile is boldly black. So I could not copy, therefore, could not tell you which one I wanted to report. I like highlight (double tap), Ctrl+C (copy), Ctrl+V (paste)-- but can’t do those here.
– Will the URL be distinctive to show you a problem?

Same thing when it actually shows land. Oooo I can just keep hitting the mousepad to get over 1,000 or 10,000 “liked” entries. lol Do they count?

Now, I got lots of black, blackish-green, and green-black screens before I got land. I used NO on those for no land. Halves got Yes land.

I would not use this for a huge campaign. But in my defense, I’m OCD and as a Cat, I prefer the usual and known… unless it is a new shiny ball, then you’ll get me every time. Hey, can techs put a “new shiny ball” in a corner to entice OCD cats to “play”? rofl

For that matter (tongue in cheek), I’d like to see movement— Like 3 pic squares (2 grayed out at all times)… Square 1 at left lights up and we judge. Then, Square 2 in middle light up… we judge. Square 3 at left… judge… Lights twinkle around all of white rectangle as if winning a one-arm bandit… with bells & whistles music… then Square 1 reloads a new pic. Hey, breaks up monotony.

PRO: It’s fast.
CON: Users have little control, such as to just EXPLORE! Nodders LIKE to look around, and to go “out of bounds” in order to understand the area which we are told to judge. Brains do not like being restricted to poly-sized little boxes, when we can’t run free for a couple minutes before completing the task. Just look at our POI / Fun Objects threads. :slight_smile:

PRO: It’s sleek.
CON: Does it do anything more? (see above)


  1. Does it hang less during peak hours? (without and without the other platform running)
    1b. What is the hang rate as more nodders jump in?
  2. Can the servers handle both this and the original platform running at the same time, especially at night (12a to 8a eastern) when Nodders might get double the work done on 2 campaigns?
  3. Can Platform and Tinder look for different items or sub-sets of the same campaign? :high_brightness: It would accommodate both nodder groups that I dub as Explorers and Lets-Get-Er-Done-rs.
  4. What kinds of POIs does DG think that Tinder will handle best?
  5. Can DG build in Light-Contrast controls and Size controls or will I still need to rely on Chrome’s 150% display?




I’ve just discovered it’s another method of voting, presumably for swipe tablets/phones. If you click’n’drag it up the screen it says NOPE; drag it down the screen it down screen it says LIKED. These must be the alternatives to the thumbs up/down vote. So already I’ve voted incorrectly making this accidental discovery as I dragged down and released thinking I was throwing away a black image later realising I should have thrown up the way. They’re a bit like flash cards.

But then as I dragged one of these dragged black images back into place land appeared :roll_eyes:


I concur with all the above…particularly don’t like being blinkered :smirk: I’m not a horse :horse_racing: or a :robot: :laughing:

It’s gone from flicking to next pic, to flicking past every other pic, to flicking past every 2 other pics and so on :confused: Don’t have far the count went up to but I just clicked on game or World and it returned to every one. So don’t know what the purpose of this is other than it’s scrolling through them all multiple time for re-evaluation purposes perhaps :thinking:

I’d definitely need an undo button as I’ve already made multiple errors to allow for my clicky finger being quicker than my twitchy eye crazy

I take it this is being designed more for the smart touchy swipey devices :thinking: Which is neither use’nor’ornament to me and many others :wink:
I’m using it on Windows Vista and Chrome on my PC with 18" monitor.

I just opted to set up a new account after considering using twitter…I don’t understand why it would want to read tweets from my timeline or see who I follow…that’s just plain nosey :laughing:
So I just used my testing email add. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :grin:


I essentially agree with what everyone else has said. Image too small unless you use browser zoom at 175% and still would not be enough definition. Image is not stable. It changes too quickly or skips images-I tried going faster and it made the problem worse. When it loads new set of images it is initially slow-it would be very easy to click ‘no’ when all it is doing is loading. Has none of the bells and whistles that TN’s current system has and that makes searching both enjoyable and more accurate.

I use a large screen I-mac with retina display. I have both an apple mouse and track pad. I do not think the track pad would work with Tinder, but then I prefer a mouse. I use Chrome as my browser and signed in with my google account. I would have set up a new account but Tinder would not cooperate.

My overall opinion is don’t fix what isn’t broken and I never thought I would say that after the discourse mess TN recently had.


Hi all including @Wilms, @Jim7, @EmeraldEyes, @cageycat!!
Such good feedback. It’s worth noting this is just a quick mock-up, which accounts for some of the tech issues. We don’t have any plans at this point to move concretely toward something like this. Just wanted to see how it felt to you all. A big part of the idea was to get something going on mobile.

Once again, such GREAT feedback!

@cageycat that was my very first thought on using it: there is no way to explore in this type of interface. I find that to be one of the joys of Tomnod and I know many of you do, too. It makes the experience almost a little …boring. I will be sending all these thoughts back to the engineer.

Thanks all! Continued thoughts are welcome!


Do tell the Engineer Thank you for all the work you did. The original telephone was not made in a day, so tell him not to give up.

I see some promise, especially if we have Tn Platform 2 (#1 & tweaks being retired) and Tinder #__ working alongside each other with different goals. Can the server handle 2 platforms running?


Hi @Mel_Nod. I just had an off the wall idea for testing Tinder images against standard Tomnod images. With the latest chrome versions you can separate tabs and have two images up at the same time. If the images were the same i.e. one in Tinder and one on standard TN, you would be able to have nodders comparing the data in each image simultaneously. Should not be hard to do if the link for Tinder and Tomnod are both in the forum. Of course this depends on Tinder “settling down”.


I agree with the above, especially being able to zoom out and explore outside the square for context. As a geologist, I would never look at a rock with a hand lens and then not look at the surrounding area. The thought of that makes me shudder :joy: Context is important!
Also the resolution of these images seems low.

I like the look we have now. I’m working on the Hurricane Maria campaign and it is nice to have a whole screen filled with image (that’s how it appears on the iPad, instead of revealing one square at a time on the desktop).I lay back on a propped up pillow and put the screen 3 inches from my nearsighted eyes. I am then immersed in the world I am looking at. One of the reasons I didn’t participate in the Peru global explorer last year was because the images were too small, and I couldn’t zoom out to see surroundings.


As @Mel_Nod pointed out, this is a prototype - just like we’re beta testing software. There will always be bugs, outright defects, and lots of things that could be improved up and/or changed. :wink:


A teeny problem no one has mentioned yet…

I made a new account, new Email addy and PW. The auth0 on Tinder never said it needed me to authenticate my email.

Tonight, 3 days later, I visited that email addy and I see the subject line “Verify your email”. That will need coordinated through Tinder so users know to check their email to proceed to use Tinder.


LOL, I did mention that, in my second post in this topic! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You explained it much better than I did though… it was late and I was nodding off :zzz: at the PC, so didn’t explain it very well!


Aww, sorry. I missed your post.


Perhaps because I didn’t include any catnip tea :tea: or :tropical_fish::fish:? Or it could be that everyone’s eyes :eyes: hadn’t adjusted from trying to see the oh-so-too-small picture on the “Tinder” screen? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: