Tomnod Tinder - Test our new prototype


Hi there: I’m finally undozy enough to make a first venture onto the Tinder site…

I chose the new account option … painless enough to do… however.

I followed the prompts as I read it and it asked for my email… fair enough and then to create a login password, also fair game… that done it was gone and I logged in. Also painless. But then about the same time I was looking at the screen size and offering of text / thumbs up or down… I realized that at no point did it offer a username and in fact displayed my email up in the right top… and no obvious means to replace with a username.

I realize that this is a prototype and that what I see may not be visible to anyone else now or ever… but I do like to see my username, just makes it ‘homey’ if nothing else… consider that for the future though…

The size of the image tile on the screen has been discussed by others and all I will say is that I have a small screen on the ebook (ASUS x205ta) roughly paper size and as such the image appears quite small to me… I haven’t tried running it to my HDTV yet… but I suspect that would be better for me… it was during a few operations recently on here…

Most everything I have read I agree with…

One thing that perturbed me tonight… It presents an image and poses a question related.
Right now it is fairly black and white in that regard… it is or it is not!.. I’m not sure about the other set of responses function… the ones to the left and right… but unseen unless you move around a bit… I think they were like and dislike in green and red… didn’t try to use them… I WAS trying out zooms with MY screen controls but it was hard to balance the size and functional appearance… mostly teething problems… what I DID find was that sometimes I would click on an image and it would cycle through a few more… leaving me wondering which one was marked with that answer… often it would jump to a new image and before doing anything with the computer controls it would cycle again… even change question from what was offered… to something that fit another of the images in the change. I’m not sure, but it might just be a function of slow response or even fast response… I guess that means that if I see an obvious answer and click it, something might be sending more than one pulse, and it cycles through an appropriate number of images with the same response even if incorrect… I have to play with that some more, but I did start waiting hands off until the image settled in… also occasionally I was seeing black text on white followed by an image or two or three… and a question. Seemed to work when waited for.

Some have called this a BETA test, but I disagree… I’ve been active doing BETA testing and this isn’t even close… BETA is a pre release test… This much playing around would fall into ALPHA testing… trying to refine a BETA product much later…

Just an opinion of course… don’t mind me, I’m still recovering from the flu and a whole bunch of new complications with life… feels good to get back into it.



As it is, I think it would be ideal for likes of iPhones when you are out and about i.e. sitting on the train, waiting for the bus and you can expand and shrink the image with your fingers on the screen. Perfect for poly verification campaigns with yes/no, thumbs up/down options.

One flaw I can see with it (as it is) is in the likes of the Antarctica campaign, if the poly is in the sea (of a black and white image) and the image is purely black with no icerbergs’n’such. Without the possibility to expand and explore the surrounding area, how would we know if it was actually sea or the poly has merely landed off the map altogether. (Ok, so in that campaign it wouldn’t really matter as it would be No Seals anyway :slight_smile: )

And here’s a perfect example:- image



Thank you all! And new contributors @Doug4 @kateg. I am still amassing feedback for the engineer. You all have been IMMENSELY helpful. Your experience using Tomnod is invaluable!

@cageycat, interesting comment too about different uses. That is something we are wondering - if we could use the Tinder version for quick contracts or projects like GlobalXplorer that explicitly want us to limit context. Yes, we certainly wouldn’t have an issue running more than one program over here. The server issues we have with tomnod are not the fault of the server, they are the fault of the tomnod architecture, unfortunately. Thanks again all!


Thanks for the comments… I do intend to get back in there again… I want to see what happens with a 40 inch monitor plugged in… and I want to poke the corners a bit more… and try to see how much of the cycling was fingers and how much was impatience… mine or the site…



Hi @Mel_Nod, Another thought-would Tinder work on a touch screen device such as an I-pad or a micro-soft equivalent device? It might be desirable to be able to finger spread the image for close-up analysis.


Ooh cool thought, @Wilms, yes, the intent was to have touch-screen capability. Thanks!!