Tomnod TIPS: How to use and troubleshoot Tomnod


Campaign Instructions


Each Campaign has an instruction page and below these instructions are photos of examples of the campaign and what you are looking for.

Is there a brick kiln in the pink rectangle? Look in the pink rectangle ONLY. Please SCROLL to the VERY BOTTOM of this page to see examples of brick kilns. In this region, kilns are typically oval or circular. Brick kilns have nearby road access, and you may also be able to see a tall chimney or chimney shadow, or rows of cooling bricks around the kiln.

Vote “Brick Kiln(s)” if a rectangle contains one or more brick kilns (or if part of a kiln is in the polygon).
Vote “No Brick Kiln(s)” if a rectangle does not contain any portion of a kiln.
Vote “Cloudy Image“ if the imagery is too cloudy to see if there is a kiln or not.


  1. We are searching a large area. You may not see a brick kiln for a while. Thank you for taking the time to look through many images!
  2. If you think you have made a mistake, simply click your browser back button and change your vote
  3. Use the keyboard shortcuts “1” “2” and “3” to vote more efficiently
  4. Press the SHIFT key to toggle the pink polygon off and on
  5. Use the “+” and “-” keys to zoom in and out on the map

Brick Kiln(s)
Brick kilns have nearby road access, and you may also be able to see a tall chimney or chimney shadow and drying fields where the bricks are laid out in rows. They may be red, grey, beige or other earth tones. Vote Brick Kiln(s) even if only a part of the kiln is in the image.

If you are unsure, ASK the forum, they can give you other examples and advice.


Ghost Nodder

You are tagging tiles, but you have not signed into your account. You are the “Ghost Nodder”.


Campaign stopped early - will my votes count

All of your work has been recorded.


All Black tiles - what to do

These are tiles on the edge of the map that could not be removed in processing. They will not fill in. If you zoom out eventually you should be able to see the edge of the map. If you cannot vote on these - with the voting symbols available on this particular campaign - don’t vote on it and just use your forward arrow to move to the next tile .


Direct Message (DM) rather than open conversation

Under your profile is a Message system…you can privately email anyone on the forum, leader, moderator. These messages are private and will show you who is involved in your message. You have the option of inviting others if you wish.




Flagging a post, what happens

Below any message there are … click on these and a flag will appear to your left. When you find a post that is inappropriate, flag the post. A pop up window will instruct you further whether you want to talk to the author of the post, or you want to report it to a moderator, etc. A copy of your flag will be put in your “sent” messages on your profile.


Topic - creating a new one

At the top of the page on the forum topics page you will see this:


When you want to start a conversation about something other than the current topics, press the New Topic button and name your topic and what category it fits in.
Example: Topic: Campaign is loading slowly
Category: Technical Issue (new)
Continue with your discussion in the comment box and post.

Topics do not need to be about those already on the Forum, or about technical issues. Do you wish to share something interesting about where you live? or your nodding experience? etc. create a topic.


Any issue is for the Techs to address. However, security is not typically an issue here.


Security Issues - What to do

“Website not Secure”…“Not Secure”
As Mel stated in “Technical Issues” …here is the process:

**[quote=“TerriB, post:17, topic:5388”]
Tomnod has its fair share of bugs! :butterfly:

The quickest way to get help is to, in order:

  1. See if there is a new post in the forum already addressing the issue:
  2. Search the archives and this thread for the same issue;
  3. Create a new post with the issue. Be sure to include lots of details including when you first noticed it, what you were doing when you noticed it, what the issue is in detail, and screenshots are very, very helpful. Tag me, @Mel_Nod, on the post.


Once again, this is a process for any type of technical issue. I’m trying to clarify “bugs” from “security” risks…

We do not typically have much in the way of “security” issues in either the platform or the forum, so it’s a bit misleading to characterize bugs as “security issues”. Bugs yes, but not usually that type,

A web certificate is not a particularly high security risk since we know our benefactors, Tomnod. It would be a much higher risk on a website where the company is not well known.